How to Reach Us

Tomanek Hall, Room 161
Phone: 785-628-4194
Fax: 785-628-4043

Mon-Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Staff: Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies Staff

Faculty Development Liaisons


For Blackboard Support: 

Blackboard Support Center

Phone: Call TigerTech at 785-628-3478
Faculty Only:

TILT's Faculty Development Liaisons

Nicole Frank
Picture of Nicole Frank

Faculty Development Coordinator
Office: Tomanek Hall 162
Phone: 785-628-5721

  • Faculty Development Liaison for COE, COAHSS, and RCOBE
  • Chair of Faculty Development Committee; Co-chair of Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee
  • Research interests: faculty/staff relationships, motivation, morale
Nuchelle Chance
Picture of Nuchelle Chance

Faculty Development Specialist
Office: Tomanek Hall 163A
Phone: 785-628-4378

  • Faculty Development Liaison for COHBS, WCOSTM
  • Support for the development, delivery, and continuous improvement of transformative teaching
  • Collaboration with faculty to integrate evidence-based pedagogies, innovative teaching practices, and effective assessments into their courses
  • Monitoring, collection, and dissemination of developments in adult learning theory, methodologies, and evolving student populations
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