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Forsyth Library Staff

Deborah Ludwig, M.L.S.
Picture of Deborah Ludwig, M.L.S.

Dean, Forsyth Library
Master of Library Science

Office: FL 117
Phone: 785-628-4431

Emily Roth, M.A.
Picture of Emily Roth, M.A.

Administrative Specialist
Master of Arts in Communication Studies

Office: FL 117
Phone: 785-628-4431

Elizabeth Chance, M.L.I.S.
Picture of Elizabeth Chance, M.L.I.S.

Digital Curation Librarian
Master of Library and Information Science
Liaison for Departments of Physics; Biology; Geosciences

Office: FL 026
Phone: 785-628-5713

Nathan Elwood, M.A.
Picture of Nathan Elwood, M.A.

Instruction & Electronic Access Librarian
Master of Arts in Information Science and Learning Technology
Liaison for Social Sciences (Communication; Justice & Leadership Studies; Political Science; Sociology)

Office: FL 135A
Phone: 785-628-4742

Brian Gribben, M.A.
Picture of Brian Gribben, M.A.

Coordinator, Government Documents and Special Collections
Master of History
Liaison for Departments of English; History; Philosophy; Modern Languages; Sternberg Museum

Office: FL 211
Phone: 785-628-5511

Outreach Services Specialist
Picture of Outreach Services Specialist
Search in Progress
Robyn Hartman, M.A.
Picture of Robyn Hartman, M.A.

Information and Digital Literacy Librarian
Master of Arts in Information Resources and Library Science
Liaison for the College of Education

Office: FL 212
Phone: 785-628-4340

Cyndi Landis, M.L.S.
Picture of Cyndi Landis, M.L.S.

Instruction and Outreach Librarian 
Master of Library Science
Liaison for Department of Chemistry

Office: FL 135C
Phone: 785-628-4529

Access Services Specialist
Picture of Access Services Specialist

Search in Progress

Patty Nicholas
Picture of Patty Nicholas

Special Collections and Periodicals
Bachelor of History

Office: FL 112
Phone: 785-628-5901

Claire Nickerson, M.L.I.S.
Picture of Claire Nickerson, M.L.I.S.

Learning Initiatives and Open Educational Resources Librarian
Master of Library and Information Science
Liaison for College of Business & Entrepreneurship; Interdisciplinary Studies

Office: FL 135B
Phone: 785-628-4543

David Obermayer, M.L.I.S.
Picture of David Obermayer, M.L.I.S.

University Archivist
Master of Library and Information Science
Master of History
Liaison for Department of Agriculture

Office: FL 122
Phone: 785-628-5282

Karen Pfeifer
Picture of Karen Pfeifer

Library Specialist for Collections and Resource Development

Office: FL 021
Phone: 785-628-4343

Mary Radnor, M.P.A., M.L.I.S.
Picture of Mary Radnor, M.P.A., M.L.I.S.

Coordinator, Acquisitions & Collection Services
Acquisitions and Metadata Librarian
Master of Public Administration
Master of Library & Information Science
Liaison for Departments of Computer Science; Mathematics

Office: FL 014
Phone: 785-628-4061

Jennifer Sauer, M.L.I.S.
Picture of Jennifer Sauer, M.L.I.S.

Coordinator of Scholar Services;
Electronic Resources and Discovery Services Librarian
Master of Library and Information Science
Liaison for Departments of Art & Design; Music & Theatre; Applied Technology

Office: FL 014
Phone: 785-628-5262

Andy Tincknell, M.S.
Picture of Andy Tincknell, M.S.

Coordinator, Learning Commons
Master of Science in Instructional Technology

Office: FL 115
Phone: 785-628-5494

MaryAlice Wade, M.S., M.L.S.
Picture of MaryAlice Wade, M.S., M.L.S.

Coordinator, Teaching and Research;
Teaching, Research and Assessment Librarian
Master of Library Science; Master of Clinical Psychology
Liaison for Departments of Social Work; Psychology

Office: FL 138
Phone: 785-628-4342

Lacey Wegner, M.S.Ed.
Picture of Lacey Wegner, M.S.Ed.

Coordinator, Library Operations
Master of Science in Education

Office: FL 030
Phone: 785-628-5837

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