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Equipment Loan Policies and Tips


  • Technology items may only be checked out to students, faculty and staff with a valid TigerCard, or current photo ID along with proof of being currently enrolled or employed at FHSU.
  • All equipment is due back at the time specified and agreed upon at check-out. The maximum check-out period is three days.
  • Unless previously reserved, patrons may renew technology items two times, for a total of nine days maximum (see "Renewals" below). After nine days, patrons must wait three days until they are able to check out technology again.
  • Only one like type of technology may be checked out to an individual at one time. Any exceptional requests require advance approval. For example, an individual may not check out two laptops, however they may check out one laptop, one projector, and one screen.
  • As a borrower, the user is responsible for understanding and observing the Forsyth Library Circulation Policy and Borrowing Agreement, and takes responsibility for all fines and fees incurred if equipment is returned late, damaged, or lost.


  • At the time of check-out, users are given a due date and return time for the equipment. If the equipment is not returned by the agreed upon time, fines will be charged to your account.


  • Renewals are not guaranteed unless a reservation has been previously made.
  • Patron may be able to renew a technology item two times, for a total of three consecutive check-outs, totaling nine days.
  • In order to renew a technology item, equipment must be renewed in person.
  • Failure to officially renew an item will result in fines if the item is returned late.


  • Items are the responsibility of the borrowing student, faculty, or staff who checks them out until they are checked in and verified by a staff person.


  • Fines are assessed if the technology item is returned late (past the due date/time).
  • In addition, a non-refundable billing fee will be assessed if the item is returned past the time frame stipulated for a "lost" item.

Broken, Damaged, Lost Equipment

  • It is the responsibility of the borrower to pay the replacement fee for any equipment that is not returned, as well as any repair costs on any equipment that is returned damaged.


  • Users are encouraged to reserve equipment, increasing the chance of getting the equipment needed.
  • To reserve technology equipment available, call 785-628-4434, or stop by the One Stop Shop in person.
  • Reservation requests may be made a maximum of two weeks in advance of the desired date of pick-up.
  • If you make a reservation, you must contact us if you are unable to make it at the pre-arranged time, OR you no longer want to borrow the equipment.
  • Reservations are "released" if the item is not picked up within 15 minutes of the reservation time.
  • If you repeatedly make reservations you do not honor, your reservation privileges may be suspended.

Equipment Loan Tips

  • As always, save often! When working on any of the laptops, please remember to frequently save your work to a flash drive (thumb drive, USB drive, etc.)
  • You have the best chance of getting the equipment you want if you make a reservation. There is no limit to the amount of reservations allowed unless the One Stop Shop staff feels that the privilege is being abused.
  • Most equipment goes out on a Monday for a 3-day loan. That means it is due back Thursday. You have a chance of getting equipment you want if you come by on a Monday or a Thursday.
  • If you're borrowing a video camera, you may need additional equipment to record or transfer data.
  • The One Stop Shop staff is happy to help you with any of our equipment - just ask!
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