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Read what kind of laptops the TLC student staff are using - and what they consider the pros and cons of these machines.

Doug's netbook
Make/Model   Asus Eee PC
CPU   Intel Atom @ 1.6Ghz
Ram   1 GB
OS   Microsoft Windows XP Home
Purchase Date   Sept 09

This is a great little netbook for max portability. I bought it mainly to take notes in class and it works great for this but also for just searching, typing papers, excel. It came with works so you can start to make spreadsheets and type up papers right out of the box. The on-board camera I have not used but I believe it would work of things like Skype. It is underpowered for things that require a lot of graphic power but I do not use any programs like that on this machine. I have noticed that when you are watching some videos online it runs smoother on the max power setting but for many short videos like on Youtube the medium power option works fine. No internal disk drive is a inconvenience because in order to install things you must fist put it to a jump drive. You can put movies on it although you must first convert them on a flash drive then on the netbook but you can store several movies on the netbook making it into a portable DVD player. Great for those long road trips with your little brother or sister. The 160g hard-drive on this give ample room for your files. The size of this netbook is also a key factor. the 10 in screen I believe is a much better option than the smaller ones. Now only do you get a bigger screen but also a bigger keyboard as well. I would recommend this netbook to anyone who needs to take notes and do most basic computer functions. If your in the market for a netbook this is definitely worth checking out.

avatar_doug Doug's laptop
Make/Model   Dell XPS m1730
CPU   Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo Processor T9500 @ 2.60GHz
Ram   4 GB
OS   Microsoft XP Professional
Purchase Date   Sept 09
The first thing you will notice about this computer is that it is massive for a laptop. At 10 lbs it is more of a desktop replacement than a notebook. The power brick alone is as big as some netbooks weighting in a 3 pounds. If you manage to lift it up to your desk and fire this bad boy up you will know that this is not for the average user. First it is very eye catching with its design and lights. It is much more in your face than your standard run of the mill laptop. The model I bought has enough upgrades so it can handle most any thing I want to do with a computer. it is able to run any of my old software as well as my new software. this model is market as Dell's Gaming line and the upgrades reflect that. You could spec this thing out with enough upgrades that even NASA would be jealous of course you might have to sell your car to pay for it or you can take my option and only get the upgrades you need for want you do. I like having the extra power and the neat design is sure to be a head turner. The XPS also has a full keyboard with number pad. At the top of the key board it has a little led screen that reacts with different software mostly games and displays useful information about what is going on The weight is the main problem also with higher end parts you get more heat. I must say though that the XPS does do a pretty good job of removing heat. If you are someone you who wants a flashy large laptop with power and lots a customization then the m1730 is your key to victory.
avatar_IanIan's laptop
Make/Model   Dell Studio15
CPU   Intel Corel 2 Duo CPU L T6500 @ 2.1GHz
Ram   4 GB
OS   Microsoft Windows 7
Purchase Date   Sept 09

Pros: bright screen, mouse pad short cuts (scroll, zoom), free fall censer for hard drive, runs 64 bit OS, several usb plugs, blue tooth connectivity

Cons: case attracts fingerprints, battery life is only about 3 hours running internet and Office, screen has glare in bright rooms, about as heavy as a thick school book

avatar_Tania Tania's tablet
Make/Model   HP Elitebook 2730p
CPU   Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T5450 @ 1.860GHz
Ram   2 GB
OS   Microsoft Windows XP SP3
Purchase Date   Aug 09

Pros: It's small and light without being too small. The extended-life battery lasts up to 6 hrs which is really convenient. It has reasonable responsiveness. The tablet is pretty easy to use, and can be handy for reading. Other than that, I haven't used this function that much, as my handwriting is terrible.

Cons: The one-speaker system is not good for listening to things online without plugging it into another device. It didn't come with a webcam, so no video calls without plugging in an external one.

avatar_mackenzie Mackenzie
Make/Model   Dell Inspiron 1525
CPU   Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU T3200 @ 2.00 GHz
Ram   3 GB
OS   Microsoft Vista Home
Purchase Date   Dec 08

Pros: It is very cute! :) It fits for what I need to do. It is light and easy to carry.

Cons: It does not connect to the internet like it should, and get's very hot on the bottom of it when it has been on more than 20 minutes, and sometimes it burns me! And the battery does not stayed charged for more than an hour.

avatar_Tania Tania's laptop
Make/Model   Dell Inspiron 1420
CPU   Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T5450 @ 1.660GHz
Ram   1 GB
OS   Microsoft Windows Vista
Purchase Date   Dec 07

Pros: It's a nice shade of metallic blue. When the keyboard worked, it had a good touch.

Cons: Too many to list: hot battery, short battery life, Vista is a terrible OS, crashes once a day but Dell wouldn't take it back, keys stick, the touchpad is ultra-sensitive and places the cursor at random, wireless manager switch positioned to get accidentally turned off easily...I would not recommend this computer - or Dell, after their lack of service - to anyone.

avatar_jordan Jordan's laptop
Make/Model   Dell XPS 140
CPU   Intel Centrino M740 @ 1.83GHz
Ram   1 GB
OS   Microsoft Windows XP Media Center
Purchase Date   Aug 05

Pros: Durable, never had problem with XP on it

Cons: Getting outdated very rapidly, battery needs replaced almost every year.



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