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Entrepreneurship Academic Programs

Entrepreneurship Certificate

This is a very exciting certificate that prepares students to be knowledgeable in the basic framework of entrepreneurship. It helps students to identify entrepreneurial opportunities, to evaluate those opportunities, and to exploit them.

The Entrepreneurship certificate is open to students of any major. It can fit within the electives of the BBA Management Major. Any student with an interest in starting a business or non-profit organization or acting entrepreneurially within established organizations will benefit from this certificate.

The Entrepreneurship Certificate includes 4 courses for a total of 12 hours credit:

ENTR 301 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
This is a foundation course that introduces entrepreneurship broadly as both a mindset and a process. The entrepreneurial mindset is one in which opportunities are pursued regardless of resources currently controlled." The modern process of entrepreneurship is defined as recognizing, evaluating and exploiting such opportunities. Entrepreneurship is a manageable process that can be taught and applied in virtually any organizational context. Various approaches to entrepreneurship are discussed including application to the contexts of both for-profit and not-for profit organizations, and approaches to one's life and career. This course is a prerequisite for all subsequent courses in entrepreneurship. This course does not have any required prerequisites, and is open to any student. However the following courses are strongly encouraged either prior to enrollment or as concurrent enrollment: MGT 101: Introduction to Business and/or ECFI 205: Theory and Practice of Personal Finance.

ENTR 350 Opportunity Development and Creativity
This course focuses on the generation, testing, evaluation, and refinement of ideas. Innovation processes that focus on idea development, idea selection, and commercialization of ideas will also be examined. Exploration of the process and stages of creating an innovative new venture will provide the context for discussing the interrelationships among ideation, innovation, commercialization, and entrepreneurial thinking. Prerequisite: ENTR 301; or Instructor Permission.

ENTR 401 Opportunity Evaluation
This course focuses on the evaluation, and refinement of ideas via both a quantitative and qualitative feasibility analysis. Students will learn to create and evaluate business models as a means to assess and differentiate between ideas, opportunities and those that have potential for a commercially viable business. An emphasis is made on the context and conditions in which various business models are successful. Prerequisite: ENTR 301 and ENTR 350; or Instructor Permission. However the following course is strongly encouraged either prior to enrollment or as concurrent enrollment: MKT 301 - Marketing Principles.

ENTR 605 New Venture Creation
This course reviews the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs as they make decisions to go into business for themselves. Students are presented with the challenge to develop a procedural system for establishing a new business (a business plan), and discuss case studies of problems involved in translating new product or service ideas into viable economic enterprises. Requisites: Junior standing and PERM.

Entrepreneurship Minor (For Non-BBA Majors)

A minor in Entrepreneurship may be earned by non-BBA majors upon successful completion of the following program. ECON 201 Principles of Economics: Micro is a required cognate course, as part of the General Education Program. Majors requiring one or more of the following courses must find acceptable alternate courses, as determined by the minor adviser.

The Entrepreneurship Minor includes 7 courses for a total of 21 hours

ACCT 203 Principles of Accounting I 3

GBUS 204 Business of Law I 3

MGT 301 Management Principles 3

ENTR 301: Intro to Entrepreneurship 3

ENTR 350: Opportunity Development and Creativity 3

ENTR 401: Opportunity Evaluation 3

ENTR 605: New Venture Creation 3




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