Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Tourism and Hospitality Management is one of the fastest growing career fields in the nation, ranking in the top three industries in all 50 states.  Travel and tourism in the United States is a $1.3-trillion industry and is among the nation's largest employers with 13 million direct travel-related jobs.  If you are interested in organizing events, making sure conferences go smoothly, and ensuring that hotels run like a well-oiled machine, tourism and hospitality management is the program for you!

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Possible Careers: Cruise Director, Casino Manager, Event Planner, Restaurant Owner, Meeting and Convention Management

Hays Daily News, the local newspaper, interviewed Dr. Stacey Smith, the Tourism and Hospitality Management Director.  Check out what they had to say!

To graduate with a degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management you must complete the following:
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Business Core - 24 Hours 
Course Course Names Hrs.
ACCT 203 Principles of Accounting I 3
MGT 101 Introduction to Business 3
GBUS 204 Business Law 3
MGT 301 Management Principles 3
MKT 301 Marketing Principles 3
INT 250 Intro. to Web Development 3
BCOM 301 Business Communication 3
MGT 611 Human Resource Management 3
Major Core - 21 Hours 
Course Course Name Hrs.    
THM 620 Principles & Practices in Tourism & Hospitality Mgt. 3
THM 621 Tourism & Hospitality Marketing 3
MGT 622 Service Operations 3
MIS 304 Management Information Systems 3
LDRS 300 Intro to Leadership Concepts 3
THM 625 International Hospitality: Problems & Planning 3
THM 629 Tourism & Hospitality Industry Internship 3
Choose ONE of the following three concentrations (12 Hours)
Hospitality Operations Concentration  
Course Course Name Hrs.
THM 623 Meetings, Conventions, & Event Management 3
THM 624 Hotel & Resort Management 3
GBUS 673 Food & Beverage Management 3
THM XXX Casino Management 3
      Event Management Concentration    
  Course    Course Name
THM 623 Meetings, Conventions, & Event Management 3
THM XXX Catering & Special Events 3
THM XXX Facilities Management & Space Design 3
THM XXX Hospitality & Convention Sales 3
           Wellness Facilities Operations Concentration    
   Course Name
THM XXX Spa Management 3
HHP 313 Health Promotion & Wellness 3
HHP 371 Leisure Programming 3
HHP 432 Event & Facility Management 3