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Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language and Spanish Teacher Education

This degree, offered in conjunction with the Department of Teacher Education, will benefit students who have a passion for foreign language and education. The dual degree allows students to combine their passions for a successful career in the classroom. Students who graduate with a dual-degree in Spanish and Teacher Education are prepared to work as language teachers in elementary or high school.

Program Summary Credit Hours
University Degree Requirements 55
Core, Electives, & Teacher Ed 69
Total Hours 124

See your advisor for more information on University Degree requirements.

Department Core Requirements (22 Credit Hours)
Course Course Name Credit Hours
MLNG 225 Beginning Spanish I 5
MLNG 226 Beginning Spanish II 5
MLNG 325 Intermediate Spanish I 3
MLNG 326 Intermediate Spanish II 3
MLNG 427 Spanish Conversational Skills 3
MLNG 428 Grammar & Composition 3
Civilization Electives (Choose one for 3 credit hours)
MLNG 623 Spanish Civilization 3
MLNG 624 Latin-American Civilization 3
*Survey Electives (Choose 2, total 6 credit hours)
MLNG 656 Survey of Spanish Literature I 3
MLNG 657 Survey of Spanish Literature II 3
MLNG 658 Survey of Latin-American Literature 3
MLNG 666 Seminar in Spanish Literature 3
Other Required Courses
EAC 202 Foundations of Education 3
EAC 231 Human Growth & Development 3
MLNG 277 Earl Field Experience: Foreign Language Ed 1
MLNG 410 Foreign Language Teaching Methodology 3
TEEL 431 Education Psychology 3
TESS 494 The Secondary School 4
TESS 496 Directed Teaching Secondary 12
SPED 601 Educating Exceptional Children 3
Teaching Internship (Choose one for 3 credit hours)
MLNG 681 Teaching Internship - German 3
MLNG 687 Teaching Internship - Spanish 3

*Approved Topics Courses

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