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Bachelor of Arts in Spanish for Specific Purposes

The Spanish language is indisputably relevant in the United States today. Spanish-speakers comprise a significant part of the population, both nationally and regionally.

Bilingualism has become an in-demand skill for many careers, especially in the healthcare industry. Through course work, internships and study abroad, our Spanish majors gain linguistic and cultural competence and are prepared to enter a globalized workforce.

Below you'll find a list of Core Courses all Spanish majors complete, and the requirements for four separate, specific purposes tracks.

Program Summary Credit Hours
University Degree Requirements 55
Elective/Specified General Education Courses 35
Core + Specific Purposes Track 34
Total 124

See your advisor for more information on University Degree requirements and Elective/Specified General Education Courses.

Department Core Requirements (22 Credit Hours)
Course Course Name Credit Hours
MLNG 225 Beginning Spanish I 5
MLNG 226 Beginning Spanish II 5
MLNG 325 Intermediate Spanish I 3
MLNG 326 Intermediate Spanish II 3
MLNG 427 Spanish Conversational Skills 3
MLNG 428 Grammar & Composition 3

Spanish Upper Division Elective (3 Credit Hours)
You'll choose one from an approved list. See your advisor for more information.

Specific Purposes Tracks (9 Credit Hours)
Choose one track

Track 1 - Spanish for Health Professions
Course Course Name Credit Hours
MLNG 451 Medical Spanish I 3
MLNG 452 Medical Spanish II 3
MLNG 453 Intermediate Spanish Practicum 3
Track 2 - Translating and Interpreting
MLNG 461 Translating and Interpreting I 3
MLNG 462 Translating and Interpreting II 3
MLNG 463 Translating and Interpreting Practicum 3
Track 3 - Spanish for Business
MLNG 471 Business Spanish I 3
MLNG 472 Business Spanish II 3
MLNG 473 Business Spanish Practicum 3

Track 4 - Hispanic Studies
Choose three courses (for a total of 9 credit hours) from an approved list of courses. See your advisor for more information.

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