Concentration in Instructional Sciences

Program Description  

The Master of Liberal Studies degree concentration in Instructional Sciences prepares graduates to assume roles of leadership in instructional technology settings in schools, business, and industry. Graduates will apply acquired technical skills, research, and knowledge about equipment, software, current issues, trends, theories, and principles of instructional design to the successful development, implementation, and integration of hypermedia, hypertext, and multimedia in instructional settings. The culminating graduate student project will provide evidence of the student’s expertise in instructional technology through a multimedia presentation on research related to an instructional technology topic. The presentation will include evidence of the student’s expertise in utilization of presentation software and equipment, application of multimedia equipment and software, audio and digital video formats, and web page and web site design and development. Students completing their MLS program with this concentration will have the following notation on their transcripts: "Liberal Studies (Instructional Sciences)"

FHSU also offers a Masters of Instructional Technology (MIT) that is available through distance education. If you have any interest in the MIT program, please check out the MIT Website.

Program Curriculum

All classes must be taken for a grade; no class where a student receives "Pass" or "Satisfactory" will be accepted in the program. Students interested in completing the Master of Liberal Studies with a concentration in education must take all the core classes, which are:

  • IDS 801 Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies (1)
  • IDS 802 Ways of Knowing in Comparative Perspective (3)
  • IDS 803 Origins and Implications of the Knowledge Society (3)
  • IDS 804 Information Literacy (3)

Courses leading to the concentration are: 

AEP 880 Cultural Diversity (3)

MIT 805 Instructional Technology Theory and Practice (3)

MIT 822 Hypermedia/Hypertext Applications (3)

MIT 812 Multimedia Applications (3)

AEP 800 Utilization of Instructional Technology in the Classroom (3)

MIT 806 Seminar in Technology Education (3)  
Culminating Experience:

MIT 885 Practicum in Instructional Technology (3)

 Program Contact 

For more information on the Master of Liberal Studies degree with a concentration in Instructional Sciences contact Dr. Suzanne Becking at 785-628-4545. Once you have been admitted to this concentration, please follow the MLS Checklist and carefully read The MLS Student Handbook. Note: a successful background check is required for admission to this concentration. Visit the AEP page for the details.  

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