The MLS Student Handbook

Organizing your semester

You should contact your faculty advisor as soon after you have been admitted to the MLS program as possible. You should begin to plan for your next semester's courses well in advance of the beginning of that next semester. Your faculty advisor can pre-register you for the next semester long before that semester begins. For summer session and fall semester, pre-registration begins at the end of March or the beginning of April - later, if you attempt to request courses through FHSU's online site. For spring semester, pre-registration begins at the end of October or the beginning of November - later, if you attempt to request courses through FHSU's online site. You should contact your faculty advisor before submitting online requests to enroll in courses. If you pre-register through your advisor, you can get into classes sooner and pay later (the due date for tuition and fees will be specified). If you go online to request classes, you can't do it until later and you have to pay immediately.

As soon as you know the classes you will be taking in the next semester, go to FHSU's online bookstore to see if course books and materials can be ordered. If they are not available the first time you check, go back to the website at least once a week until the books and materials are posted. You are not required to purchase your books through FHSU's online bookstore.

Two or three weeks before the next semester begins, contact (e-mail) the instructor for each course in which you are enrolled. FHSU's online listing of courses may also include the name of the faculty. If a name is not provided, you may contact the department that is offering the course to obtain the name of the course instructor. Ask if the syllabus is available and if the course will have a Blackboard site. Try to get a sense of the class and how it will be conducted.

One or two weeks before the next semester begins, set up a calendar for the semester. Also, set up a file for each course. Carefully read each course syllabus as soon as you can, but no later than the first day of class, and list all of the assignments for each course. Mark assignment due dates on the calendar and for each date specify what is due. Use course syllabi to determine due dates. You may even want to mark on your calendar when you will begin to work on a specific assignment, or a specific portion of an assignment. For example, if a course requires a research paper, you may want to determine a date when you will begin research, a date while you will begin to write, and a date when you will have the initial draft competed.

Once the semester begins, keep copies of each assignment you submit and when you submitted it. Put these copies in the appropriate course file. Use course syllabi to set up a grading template so that you can keep track of your grades on each of your assignment. If you have a question about a grade on a particular assignment, contact the instructor as quickly as possible.

Most of the responsibility for your education rests in your hands. Be willing to learn; be quick to seek help; be generous in helping others.


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