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Minor in Music

The Minor in Music can be attached to any undergraduate degree program. With a minor in music, you can explore the fundamentals of music theory, develop instrumental skill and hone your ear for music.

The minor is comprised of 20-22 hours comprised of Core music courses and Electives in Music.

Program Summary*

Core Courses

  • MUS 121 Group Piano I (or proficiency) ( 0-1 Credit Hours)
  • MUS 122 Group Piano II (or proficiency) (0-1 Credit Hours)
  • MUS 181 Music Theory I (3 Credit Hours)
  • MUS 183 Music Theory II (3 Credit Hours)
  • MUS 182 Aural Skills I (1 Credit Hour)
  • MUS 184 Aural Skills II (1 Credit Hour)
  • Ensemble (4 semesters) (4 Credit Hours)

Major Electives

  • Music electives in Performance (4 Credit Hours)
  • Music electives in Music Theory or History (4 Credit Hours)

TOTAL 20-22

*Check with your advisor and the University Catalog for the latest program information.

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