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Audition Information

All campers will be required to audition for a spot in one of our ensembles based on their playing ability. By holding auditions it allows us to place campers in the ensemble that they will benefit from the most based on their current musical and technical skills. Auditions will be held on Sunday, July 15th in the afternoon. Students will be required to play the following:

  • Scales (slur up/tongue down - wind instruments)
  • Chromatic scale (slur up/tongue down - wind instruments only)
  • Sightreading
  • Passage excerpts - follow the links below
  • Campers will NOT have to play an additional prepared etude or solo during the auditions

High School Vocalists should bring 2 prepared pieces (preferably one in English and one in another language). The audition will also consist of sightreading.

Audition results will be posted Sunday evening prior to the first rehearsal that night.

Audition Music

Middle School Band: Please prepare the bracketed area(s) appropriate to your instrument. 

Woodwinds MS Woodwinds

Brass MS Brass

Percussion  MS Percussion

Middle School Orchestra: Please prepare the bracketed area appropriate to your instrument. 

All MS String Audition Music MS Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass)

Middle School Jazz Band

Instructions MS Jazz Audition Instructions

MS Jazz Audition Music All MS Jazz Audition Music

High School Band

Brass  HS Brass

Woodwinds  HS Woodwinds

Percussion  HS Percussion

High School Orchestra

1. Scales: 1, 2, or 3 octave scale of your choice to show your best skills. 3 octave scale is preferred, if you are able.  Student's choice of bowing and style. NO VIBRATO
2. Student choice of solo literature (not required, but encouraged), no more that 3 minutes
3. Excerpt from La Clemenza di Tito (required):  HS Orchestra Audition Music

Violin should prepare the bracketed area from the Violine I part.
Viola should prepare the bracketed area from the Viola part. 
Cello should prepare the bracketed area from the Violoncello und Kontrabas part.
Bass should prepare the bracketed area from the Violoncello und Kontrabas part. 

High School Jazz Band

Alto Saxophone  HS Jazz Alto Sax

Tenor Saxophone  HS Jazz Tenor Sax

Baritone Saxophone  HS Jazz Baritone Sax

Trombone  HS Jazz Trombone

Trumpet  HS Jazz Trumpet

Bass  HS Jazz Bass

Guitar  HS Jazz Guitar

Piano  HS Jazz Piano

Drums  HS Jazz Drums

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