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Music Technology

If you have an interest in learning more about music technology, we invite you to check out our program! There are many exciting things available for you to learn about the rapidly changing world of music technology. The Department of Music and the Department of Informatics collaborate on two major programs (Bachelor of Arts in Music: Music Technology or INT emphasis in music production) and a minor program. We also have room in our courses for students who want to add value to other degree programs by taking one of our core courses listed below. Ask about which course is best for you.

INT 140 Introduction to Electronic Media
(3) This course presents an overview of the operations and history of the radio and television industry and its evolution to new media. It surveys contemporary media communication, strategy, industry issues, and policy issues. It also provides an introduction to the impact of the convergence of technologies in the electronic media.

INT 348 Beginning Audio Production
(3) The study of audio production and the integration of technology-based techniques for the purpose of designing, implementing, and producing effective and attractive audio presentations. Course material is targeted toward information networking and communication majors or those disciplines which utilize electronic media as communication tools.

INT 658 Law of Cyberspace
(3) An in-depth examination of key legal issues central to the Internet. This course examines Internet operational issues such as copyright and fair use of images, text, video, and audio, domain name registration, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, and ISP liability. It examines regulation of the Internet and key criminal and civil rights issues such as email access, pornography, and hacking. It also examines important e-commerce concepts such as digital signatures, on-line contracts, and shrink-wrap contracts. Requisites: PR, POLS 602, POLS 320 or GBUS 204, or PERM.

MUS 678 Seminar in Music Technology I
(3) This course exposes the student to history of music technology, basic acoustics, analog and digital sound recording, MIDI sequencing, and digital sound synthesis. Requisites: PR, INT 140 and INT 348 or PERM from instructor.

mixerMUS 688 Seminar in Music Technology II
(3) An investigation of the problems and procedures of multi-track recording in concert hall and studio environments including planning the recording session, evaluating/installing equipment and software, engineering the session, editing, signal processing, and finalizing a stereo mix to various types of digital media. Requisites: PR, MUS 678; PERM.

MUS 498 Recording Practicum +
(3) This course continues to explore audio production and post-production techniques developed in MUS 688 Seminar in Music Technology II. The focus of the course is advanced digital editing, mixing, and mastering techniques for all musical genres/styles. The instructor will work with each student in an individual 60-minute lesson each week. Students are expected to work outside of class on projects/assigned readings and come to each lesson prepared to discuss their weekly progress.

Mac G5 running Digidesign Pro Tools HD1 w/3 external hard drives and many third party plug-ins
Digidesign 192 I/O
Focusrite OCTOPRE pre-amp
Alesis Masterlink
Alesis M2 active monitor speakers
Allen & Heath 12-channel mixer
Mackie 32*8 mixer
Mackie 1202 VLZ mixer
Marantz CDR310 recorder
Rode, Shure, AKG, Studio Projects microphones

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