President Martin: Students arrested in drug bust do not represent the values of the FHSU family


Seven Fort Hays State University students were arrested on Wednesday following an investigation by the Ellis County Drug Enforcement Unit, Ellis County Sheriff's Office, Hays Police Department and University Police Department.

"We do not condone these activities by a few of our students, and their activities do not define who we are," Dr. Mirta M. Martin, FHSU president, said in the wake of the arrests. "Our students are hard working and ethical. They act with integrity."

The five-month long investigation resulted in the arrests on suspicion of distribution of marijuana, cocaine, prescription pills, LSD and "Mollies," a form of MDMA drug.

The names were withheld pending charges by Ellis County Attorney Tom Drees.

"Fort Hays State will continue to strive for excellence, and we will continue to ensure our students have access to a superb education. The activities of a few students do not reflect the values of the other nearly 14,000 students, faculty or staff," President Martin said.

University policy states that all laws -- local, state and federal -- concerning the possession or use of illegal drugs by any student, faculty or staff member will be strictly enforced on the campus and at any FHSU-sponsored event. In addition, the university does not permit or condone the consumption of alcoholic beverages by any individual under the age of 21 and has long recognized that an academic community is harmed in many ways by the abuse of alcohol and the use of other drugs.

The official policy states: "This high-risk behavior is exemplified by decreased productivity of members of the community, mental health problems, strained social interactions as well as forms of vandalism. Problems associated with the illicit use and abuse of substances have a pervasive impact upon our academic community and are not associated with a singular socioeconomic group or age level. The processes of education and learning are especially impaired by alcohol abuse and the use of illegal drugs."

Fort Hays State provides education for the purpose of preventing alcohol and other drug abuses as well as educating members of the university family about the use of legal drugs in ways that are not harmful to self or others. The university provides for a reasonable level of care for alcohol and drug abusers through counseling, treatment and referral.

"We are committed to creating an environment that promotes and reinforces healthy, responsible living; respect for community laws; campus standards and regulations; the individual's responsibility within the community; and the intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual or ethical and physical well being of its community," President Martin said.

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