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Academic Programs in Philosophy

The FHSU Department of Philosophy offers an array of academic programs ranging from certificates and a minor to online and on-campus Bachelor of Arts degrees.

Online Philosophy Bachelor of Arts (Virtual College)

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Our fully online major program allows you to gain your degree from your own computer. Moderated and taught by professional and passionate instructors, this major program is for anyone interested in obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, from the person interested in lifelong learning or interested in improving their reasoning skills to apply in their current profession, to those wishing to move on to graduate school.

On-Campus Philosophy Bachelor of Arts

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The on-campus Bachelor of Arts allows you to engage with a qualified teacher and other students in discussions, greatly enhancing your ability to reason through problems in real-time. Use your Philosophy BA to steer yourself towards a rewarding, intellectually-satisfying future, whether moving on to graduate school or a career.

Minor in Philosophy

The minor in Philosophy allows you to take part in philosophical discussion, training your ability to think critically, evaluate, and connect disciplines, while still maintaining your primary degree focus. The Minor in Philosophy requires 20 Hours of coursework in any combination of courses.

Certificates in Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy offers 3 certificate programs. These certificates allow you to engage in specific areas of emphasis, expanding your knowledge of a particular topic and complimenting your major degree. For example, a student studying Nursing may find it helpful to obtain a Certificate in Moral and Political Philosophy, as classes such as Ethics and Bioethics can be extremely useful for someone interested in any medical profession.

The grade of a C or better must be obtained in each class taken towards a certificate. Also, no more than one course transferred in from another institution can be used towards a certificate

Official certificates are awarded through the department at the end of the spring semester each year. The Registrar does not keep track of certificates earned. Contact the department administrative assistant, Jodie Wear-Leiker, at 785-628-4249 or if you have met the requirements to earn a certificate.

For more information regarding these certificates, follow the links below.

Certificate in General Philosophy
Certificate in Moral and Political Philosophy
Certificate in Philosophy of Religion

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