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General Logic Tutors

General Logic is not only part of the General Education Requirements and the Philosophy major program, but it's also one of the most rewarding courses available at Fort Hays State University. In a General Logic class you learn how to evaluate arguments by their form and structure as you discover the underlying rules surrounding academically virtuous debate.

Having difficulties in your Logic class? The Department of Philosophy's dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable Logic Tutors will assist you if you're struggling in your Logic class or even if you're just interested in understanding the material on a deeper level. And because we have multiple tutors with flexible schedules, it's easy to find a time that works for you.

Benefits of Tutoring
Students often drastically improve their scores after attending just a few tutoring sessions because:

  • Tutoring offers students the opportunity to work one on one, allowing them to focus on their individual needs.
  • Problems can be worked on for as long as necessary, ensuring that students fully grasp the concepts.
  • The atmosphere in the tutor lounge provides ample comfort, allowing students to work in a calm and relaxed environment.

Taking care of troublesome areas as soon as you can will not only help you finish with a good grade, but will also equip you with a firm understanding of the material (which will help you in other courses).

Getting Started with Tutoring
The first step is to talk to your teacher. He or she may have a tutoring schedule handy or will be able to direct you towards one.

You may also visit the Department of Philosophy in Rarick Hall 340, call (785-628-4249) or email to ask about tutoring.

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