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Department of Philosophy Student Resources

Below are links to resources that are commonly used by FHSU Philosophy students. If you're looking for a resource or information that you can't find here, please feel free to contact us.

Philosophy Scholarships

Philosophy - Academic Opportunity Award (incoming Freshmen only)
Philosophy Honors Scholarship (for philosophy majors, not incoming Freshmen)
Samuel Martin and Frances Evelyn Hamilton Scholarship
For more information visit:

Independent Study Request

If you're interested in taking an independent study course, please fill out the following request form.
Independent Study Request

Grade Appeals Policy

The Department of Philosophy has established a Grade Appeal Policy. If you disagree with your final grade in a philosophy course, visit the Grade Appeal Policy page to learn more about your options for handling the situation.

Senior Thesis

Information and a timetable to help you prepare your senior thesis in philosophy.
Senior Thesis Timetable (pdf)
Advice For Senior Thesis (pdf)
Tips For Giving a Philosophy Talk (pdf)
Senior Thesis Request Form

Logic Tutors

If you're currently enrolled in General Logic and need some assistance, visit the Logic Tutors page to get the help you need!

Useful Links

American Philosophical Association
Ethics Updates Provides resources and updates on popular and professional literature about ethics
The Philosopher's Index FHSU Library Resource. This bibliographic database offers informative, author-written abstracts covering scholarly research in all areas of philosophy.
The Philosophical Gourmet Report Graduate school rankings
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Dr. Drabkin's online version of "The Intelligent Troglodyte's Guide to Plato's Republic"

For Fun

Philosophy books on the internet
Philosophy Songs
Enduring Learner web blog by former FHSU Philosophy Major, Mitch Sahlfeld
Philosophy Radio Show

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