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Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

The Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy consists of 30 hours of specialized courses. 90 additional hours are required (including the 55-hour general education requirements and 10 hours of a foreign language) for a total of 120 hours. The coursework includes 18 hours of required core courses and 12 hours of electives.

As a student of Philosophy on campus, you will study important historical figures and theories, test your critical thinking, evaluation, and reasoning skills, and take part in important and dynamic, face to face discussions with professors and peers.

Required Core Courses

Course Descriptions

OC Course Offering Schedule

(6 Courses, 18 Hours)
PHIL 100 General Logic (3)
PHIL 200 Philosophy of Knowledge (3)
PHIL 220 Classical Greek Philosophy (3)
PHIL 320 Foundations of Modern Philosophy (3)
PHIL 340 Ethics (3)
PHIL 499 Senior Thesis (3)


*These are variable content courses, which are scheduled irregularly. Each may be taken more than once as electives towards the degree.

(4 Courses, 12 Hours)
PHIL 120 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 140 Philosophy and the Bible: Old Testament
PHIL 170 World Religions
PHIL 201 Political Philosophy
PHIL 240 Philosophy and the Bible: New Testament
PHIL 350 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 360 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 370 Eastern Philosophy
IDS 400  Bioethics
IDS 401  Ethical Issues in the Professions and Business
IDS 440  Conceptions of the Mind
PHIL 401 Philosophy of Law
PHIL 458 Philosophy of Art
PHIL 476 Apprenticeship in Philosophy
PHIL 490 Topics in Philosophy*
PHIL 672 Readings in Philosophy*
PHIL 675 Seminar in Philosophy *

Certificates of Emphasis

Certificates of Emphasis are not a requirement for a Bachelor of Arts. However, certificates are great opportunities to expand your knowledge about a particular area and will compliment any major degree.

To earn a Certificate of Emphasis in one of the following areas the student must complete a minimum of 3 of the courses listed in that area for a total of 9 credit hours. The grade of a C or better must be obtained in each class taken towards a certificate. Also, no more than one course transferred in from another institution can be used towards a certificate.

Learn more about the Certificate in General Philosophy.
Learn more about the Certificate in Moral and Political Philosophy.
Learn more about the Certificate in Philosophy of Religion.

If you're interested in studying Philosophy, take the next step and apply to FHSU. If you're a current student and interested in adding Philosophy as a major or minor, please contact your advisor, contact The Department of Philosophy or email its Chair, Dr. Gene Rice, today.

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