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Philosophy in Practice: Get Your Hands Dirty

While the study of Philosophy is often unmatched in its ability to strengthen your critical and analytical thinking skills, it's not merely a series of thought exercises. Philosophy is meant to be lived, and at FHSU, Philosophy is something we do.

The study of Philosophy has real-world applications, and in the Department of Philosophy, we have numerous opportunities for you to get your (philosophy) hands dirty:

Apprenticeships. Our apprenticeships give you the chance to work with a professor to experience what it's like to teach or conduct philosophical research. If you enroll in a teaching apprenticeship, you'll shadow a professor, prepare lectures and actually teach a class. In a research apprenticeship you'll learn what it takes to get a paper published while submitting your own work. Do you already have a project in mind? Then speak with a faculty member to find the best way to develop your professional skills.

Senior Thesis. In your last year in our program, you'll work one-on-one with a faculty member to develop a paper on a subject of your choice, which you will defend before students, faculty, and community members. This rigorous process gives you the opportunity to passionately present and defend ideas while you gain insight into the life of graduate students in philosophy. Check out some of the senior thesis presentations from the past few years.

Conferences. In addition to opportunities within our department, we post announcements for nation-wide undergraduate philosophy conferences and encourage our students to participate. Our students have traveled to other states to present their ideas and engage in the greater American philosophical community. Experiences like these not only give you a head start on networking in your field, but they also help you increase your public speaking skills.

High School Workshops. The Department of Philosophy participates in workshops with high schools around the area. Focusing on specific topics, FHSU faculty and students interact with high school students and explore issues in philosophy through fun, thought-provoking activities. This is not only a great opportunity for these high school students to study and discuss topics that are not commonly taught at the high school level, but it's also a great chance for Philosophy students to hone their own rhetorical skills, see the real-world impact of deep-thinking, and engage in service learning. This is an enriching experience for all involved and strengthens the bond between the Department and the community.

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