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Graduates Out in the World

Graduating with a degree in Political Science from Fort Hays State is only the beginning, see what others have done after graduation from our department.


Hannah R. Mazour (2008)
Peace Corps Volunteer
Peace Corps
Koru, Ghana, West Africa

I chose Political Science because legal systems are intriguing to me. I found that I was also able to challenge myself with the course work and my experience at FHSU was challenging. I went through a lot of big changes in Hays. My life has changed a lot because of Fort Hays and I am very grateful. I was a member of the Political Science Club and Intramural Sports. My favorite memory of FHSU is when the Invisible Children Road Crew came to Fort Hays and we camped in the quad. It was a very cold night, but the purpose of this campout was very rewarding. Through taking political science courses I learned organization and business skills. International studies also led me to apply for a job in a third world country. FHSU taught me to think differently. I am able to apply the skills I have learned and adapt to my surroundings. These skills are crucial for me today. I want to say that college is hard and you need to find a university that is going to be a good living and academic environment for YOU.


Mark Colwell (2006)
Staff Assistant
Congressman Jerry Moran
Washington, D.C.

FHSU offers smaller classes and the ability to speak and interact with professors. Most of my major classes were taught by professors, which enhanced my learning opportunities. Political science is an interesting and dynamic subject. American citizens demand much from their government. Most importantly we want the government to provide opportunities for us to prosper. The program really enhanced my understanding of how the government operates and what it takes create an environment to achieve these goals. I remain in contact with many of my professors and former students. I was involved in the American Democracy Project, the Center for Civic Leadership, the Student Government Association, Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi, Young Democrats, and attended the Spanish Club and International Student Club events. These helped me meet people from different parts of Kansas and become involved in my local community. FHSU opened doors for me to succeed. I had the opportunity to live in Washington, D.C., twice in China, become involved in student government and travel to political science conferences. I was sufficiently challenged and came away with a great worldview and the ability to compete on a global level.


Sarah Smith (2004, 2005)
Foreign Service Specialist
Doha, Qatar

FHSU was close to home and I was interested in the ISEP study abroad program that allowed me to go to school in Germany and pay FHSU tuition. I wanted to learn to speak German better and after becoming interested in the Foreign Service I knew that taking courses in the political science department would give me the background necessary to apply with the State Department. The courses that I took at FHSU gave me the ultimate blend of academic and practical skills. Classes within my major were small enough that they felt more like discussions than lectures. I was active in Model UN, Pre-Law Society and International Affairs Society. The writing I did as a student helped prepare me for the lengthy Foreign Service application as well as for the written and oral exam portion at my interview. Courses in comparative politics and American Foreign Policy gave me a better understanding of areas in which I am now working. The friends I made at FHSU, both classmates and professors, have been a huge source of support for me through the years as I’ve been working towards getting into the Foreign Service.


Paul F. Kitzke (2002)
Private Attorney & Stevens County Attorney
Stevens County
Hugoton, KS

I wanted to go to FHSU because I am a Western Kansas kid who wanted to stay close to home.  I also had friends going to FHSU, so it was an easy fit and I knew it wasn’t a HUGE school where a person might get lost in the shuffle. I started as a Communication major, but took a class with Dr. Shala Mills. Taking an Introduction to Law class and wanting to live in Western Kansas led me to completion of my law degree. One of my favorite college memories was a class trip we took to Washington, D.C.  It was awesome to see everything, as this was pre September 11 and everything was much more accessible than it is now. I felt that I was prepared for law school as much as person can be. Some of the classes that I took at FHSU helped lay a foundation for higher learning. FHSU has prepared me for life in the sense that I have a whole community that still cares about what and how I am doing. FHSU is a place where you make friends for life and that’s what has been good for me.

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