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Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

International Relations/Comparative Politics Concentration

Looking for a career with an international flair such as a position with the United Nations or State Department? Are you interested in better understanding international organizations, foreign policy concerns, and other issues in world politics?

The International Relations/Comparative Politics concentration grounds you in the study of international relations through the study of nations, states, intergovernmental organizations and multi-national corporations.

Through theory and hands-on learning opportunities, the International Relations/Comparative Politics concentration equips you with invaluable research and analytical skills and helps you build a solid foundation for your success either in graduate school or in the international relations field.

Program Summary

University Degree Requirements: 55 Credit Hours
Foreign Language Requirement: 10 Credit Hours
Departmental Core Curriculum:22 Credit Hours
Concentration Areas: 12 Credit Hours
Free electives: 25 Credit Hours
TOTAL: 124 Credit Hours

Departmental Core Curriculum

Political Science Subfields (12 hours, including a topics course)

  • Must take a minimum of 3 credit hours from 4 of the 5 subfields.
  • Must take at least one Political Science seminar. Seminars may count toward subfields as approved by advisor.
  • Not all courses are offered annually. Some are offered once a year, every other year, or every few years.
  • Courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted.

American Politics

POLS 103: State and Local Government

POLS 401: The Congress

POLS 403: The Presidency

POLS 661: American Political Parties

POLS 660: Political Campaign Management

POLS 664: Political Behavior

POLS 665: Interest Groups and Lobbying

Other (note here if a Topics course has been included):Ho

International Relations/Comparative Politics

POLS 609: Model UN (1+ hours)

POLS 240: Comparative Governments of Industrialized Societies

POLS 631: American Foreign Policy

POLS 632: Problems and Issues in World Politics

POLS 640: Comparative Politics

Other (note here if a Topics course has been included):

Public Law

POLS 320: Introduction to Law

POLS 422: Legal Advocacy

POLS 425: Legal Research Methods

POLS 620: Constitutional Law

POLS 621: American Civil Liberties

PHIL 310: Legal Philosophy

Other (note here if a Topics course has been included):

Political Theory

POLS 650: History of Political Theory

POLS 651: Recent Political Theories

POLS 653: American Political Thought

PHIL 301: Philosophy of Law

Other (note here if a Topics course has been included):

Public Administration/Public Policy

POLS 310: Introduction to Public Administration

POLS 400: Urban Politics

POLS 611: Policy Analysis

POLS 612: The Administrative Process

POLS 614: Budgeting

POLS 616: Public Personnel Management

Other (note here if a Topics course has been included):

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