FHSU Goals

An eight member FHSU team of faculty, students and staff, along with a member of the Kansas Board of Regents, attended the AQIP Strategy Forum. The goal of the team was to develop a new draft of strategic goals (AQIP Action Projects) that align to the new Kansas Board of Regents Foresight 2020 strategic plan and our "Duty to Dream." The outcome of our Strategy Forum was the creation of four new draft strategic goals for the University.

Learner Outcomes
a. Improve essential/foundational skills
b. Implement the Undergraduate Research Experience project

Enrollment Growth
a. Serve more Kansas adult learners
b. Increase Hispanic student enrollment

a. Continue alignment with NCKTC
b. Review FHSU mission, vision, values, role and scope

a. Increase retention of traditional student population to 76%
b. Improve persistence of virtual learners
c. Facilitate transfer student success
d. Develop English competencies for cross-border student success

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