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Chelsea Kiefer

Chelsea Kiefer History Major Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar

About Chelsea

Year: Sophomore
Major: History (Minor: Sociology with certificates in Womens and Gender Studies and Grant Writing)
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Manamee Guha
Research Recognition: 2022 Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar

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Describe Your Research

My research paper explained how the British used their addiction to Chinese tea to manipulate the tea trade and reverse China's good fortune. To afford to buy tea, the British eventually brought Opium into China, selling it for ample amounts of silver. Widespread drug addiction rapidly consumed China, and they ultimately lost more of their advantages during the two Opium Wars.

What was it like sharing your research?

My experience sharing my paper with Dr. Guha was excellent. She is committed to giving constructive feedback to strengthen the research and writing abilities of her students. I recently was interviewed by Ms. Hollie Marquess for the Victor E History Podcast (edited by Dr. Guha) which was a wonderful opportunity and so much fun. Ms. Marquess is really great at asking the type of questions to steer students to highlighting the most interesting parts of their work.

What are your future career goals?

My future goals are to get a Masters Degree in Public History (FHSU is at the top of my desired schools) and then go on to work at a museum or historical site. I would love to use the research skills I am learning to research new topics for public history locations to display to their visitors. I am also interested in outreach programs to connect the community with their local history and inspire them to want to visit museums and come back again and again.

Why should other students get involved in research?

These types of activities not only expand a student's knowledge outside the classroom while deepening their skills, but they give them ample opportunity to grew in their desired field. Completing research projects at an undergrad level is extremely important for continuing on to Graduate School or making your resume (or CV) stick out to future employers. Being recognized for your hard work is a wonderful bonus, and also shows schools and jobs how you excelled in your educational program.