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Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth Miller

About Elizabeth

Year: Senior
Major: Information Networking & Telecommunications with focus in Web Development
Hometown: Cheyenne, WY
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ginger Loggins
Research Recognition: 2021 Lynn Haggard Undergraduate Library Research Award Winner

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Describe your research project

This research proposal is a merging of education and informatics by focusing on the effectiveness of using technology in instruction.

Beth realized that studies looked at online educational materials in general but hadn't compared online and offline materials directly created for a class. Her argument for the study shows her creativity in finding an unexplored area.
Dr. Ginger Loggins
Department of Informatics
Dr. Ginger Loggins

What are your future career goals?

My dream job is creating websites and apps that will be useful for teachers, students, and parents. This research proposal is the first step in thinking about what is needed for those websites and apps to be effective.

Why should other students get involved in research?

There is so much you can learn through research and scholarly activities. Not only do you learn content, you learn skills like researching, persisting when things are difficult, thinking outside the box, and learning how to communicate your findings. These are great skills for getting and keeping a job in the future.