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Early Move In Housing Request Form


Kitchens: Since meal service is not available, at least one building kitchen will be available in in each hall. It is expected that residents clean up after themselves when using the kitchen or the kitchen will be closed. NOTE: Kitchen utensils will not be available in the hall; you must provide you own.

Guests: Overnight guests are NOT permitted.

Security: McMindes front doors will be unlocked when the front desk is open. All other doors will be locked during all other times. For your protection, do not prop doors open. They MUST remain closed at all times.

Alcohol policy: Possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages are expressly prohibited in all of the residence halls regardless of age.

Rates: There will be a rate of $59 per night for any student moving in early.

Maintenance activity: Building maintenance may be performed in your building beginning at 8:00am. The maintenance or special cleaning of the restroom facilities on your floor may require you to use the restroom on another floor during part or all of the break period.




Residents will be able to request housing for fall, winter, and spring break. Timelines for each process will be available from the Residential Life Office or a Hall Director.

Only the following students will be approved for break housing: students who are unable to travel home due to location or financial constraints, students working an on-campus job during break, athletes who are representing FHSU or have practice during the break, and students representing FHSU for an organization or university sponsored event. Appropriate documentation will be required.

Students will be notified if their request has been approved or denied via their FHSU email account.

Students who lose or do not return their pass key will be charged a $10 fee for key replacement in addition to forfeiting their deposit.


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