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Building a Career in a Nonprofit Corporation (9 credit hours) (available at undergraduate and graduate level)

This certificate provides instruction on how to become a social entrepreneur and build a good-paying career within the world of nonprofit organizations. A social entrepreneur is a person who uses innovation to find new ways to help a category of people in need, and here are examples of categories of people in need: abandoned children, the homeless, and teens considering suicide – and there are hundreds of other categories of people in need who could be helped.

This certificate helps students build skills for working within existing nonprofit corporations, or starting their own nonprofit. The world is open to this type of innovation. Our society and world are in need of more people stepping forward to assist others in need, and this training can help you build a career in the U.S. or another nation.

SOC 665    Social Entrepreneurship 3 credit hours
SOC 680 Nonprofit Organizations   3 credit hours
SOC 681  NGOs - Global Social Innovation  3 credit hours
  Total Credit Hours 9 credit hours

The Social Entrepreneurship is available online through the Virtual College.  For more information, contact Dr. Keith Campbell (, who coordinates this certificate program.

Upon completion of the requirements: It is the responsibility of the student to inform the coordinator of the certificate program that he or she has completed the certificate requirements. Your certificate will not be awarded until you have completed the requirements and informed your coordinator of same. To ensure there is enough time to process your certificate, please inform your coordinator by the 21st day of the semester in which the certificate is to be awarded. 

In order to verify certificate completion, the student must go into his/her TigerTracks account, where the unofficial transcript can be found. From the unofficial transcript available to students, copy and paste each course completed toward the certificate (with grade earned showing) into an e-mail to be sent to the coordinator of the certificate. The student's e-mail note to the certificate coordinator should begin with an expression of the certificate earned, followed by the courses completed as documented from the unofficial transcript.

NOTICE: The Department also offers an MPS in Social Entrepreneurship.  Courses taken as an undergraduate at FHSU may not be repeated at the graduate level.   Those who obtain this certificate as an undergraduate student need to contact Dr. Keith Campbell in order to determine as acceptable plan for substitution of these courses for your program of study at the MPS level.


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