Baccalaureate of Arts in Sociology Program of Study

Whether you choose to earn your Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology on campus or online, you will take the same innovative, in-depth courses that reflect the diversity and direction of the discipline. Enhance your undergraduate degree in sociology with one of eight certificate programs that enable you to explore areas of interest more thoroughly and help prepare you for your desired career goals.

Below you will find the requirements to complete a BA in Sociology at FHSU. (See the University Catalog for generic BA degree requirements.) We look forward to working with you.

BA in Sociology Program Requirements

General Education Requirements

Foundation Studies: 18 Credit Hours
International Studies: 6 Credit Hours
General Education Distribution Areas: 28 Credit Hours
Upper Division Integrative Course: 3 Credit Hours

General Education Subtotal: 55 Credit Hours

Language and Free Electives Requirement

Foreign Language: 10 Credit Hours
Upper Division* Free Electives: 12 Credit Hours
Lower or Upper Division Free Electives: 11 Credit Hours
* Upper division courses are numbers 300 and above.

Language and Free Electives Subtotal: 33 credit hours

Sociology Major Core and Electives

Sociology Major Core Courses (see below): 21 Credit Hours
Sociology Upper Division Electives** (link below): 15 Credit Hours
** Hours beyond 15 may be used as Free Electives.

Sociology Core and Electives Subtotal: 36 credit hours

Total BA Degree Requirements: 124 Credit Hours

Sociology Major Core Courses

As part of the requirements listed above are 21 credit hours of Sociology Major Core Courses. Those courses are listed below. All sociology majors (including those pursuing the BA in Sociology Addictions Counseling Track) must complete the 21 core hours. Sociology majors must also complete other upper division electives (see links below).

  • SOC 140 Introduction to Sociology (3 Credit Hours)
  • SOC 145 Principles of Culture (3 Credit Hours)
  • SOC 361 Sociological Theory and Literature (3 Credit Hours)
  • SOC 362 Methods of Social Research (3 Credit Hours)
  • SOC 472 Social Inequality (3 Credit Hours)
  • SOC 670 Grant Proposal Writing (3 Credit Hours)
  • SOC 671 Advanced Sociological Research (3 Credit Hours)

Total Sociology Major Core: 21 Credit Hours

To complete a sociology degree, students must complete other sociology upper division courses. Please follow the links below for the electives for the BA in Sociology and BA in Sociology Addiction Counseling Track:

Bachelor of Arts Upper Division Electives

Requirements for the BA in Sociology Addictions Counseling Track

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