The Bachelor of Social Work Outreach Program in southwest Kansas offers students of social work living the Garden City, Kansas area an opportunity to complete social work degree from FHSU.  Course are taught at the Garden City Community College (GCCC) by Kendal Carswell.  Kendal lives in Hays but spends about half of each week in Garden City working with outreach programs students.   The first cohort of outreach students graduated in the spring of 2010.   Below are some photos from a recent cohort graduation.  Click on a photo for a better view.

Kendal Congratulations!Meal Time!The Cohort (and families)The Graduating ClassThe newest member of the cohort/uploadedImages/academic/college_of_arts_and_sciences/sociology/Cohort_Photos/IMG_0292.JPG/uploadedImages/academic/college_of_arts_and_sciences/sociology/Cohort_Photos/IMG_0294.JPG/uploadedImages/academic/college_of_arts_and_sciences/sociology/Cohort_Photos/IMG_0299.JPGPatricia LevyOh great... no cake left for the web guy!Oh crap... one more lecture! 

The following photos were taken on September 30, 2010.  FHSU and GCCC signed a 2+2 agreement, allowing students to complete two years of college at GCCC and two years at FHSU and graduate with a degree from FHSU.

 FHSU and GCCC 2+2 Signing 1 /uploadedImages/academic/college_of_arts_and_sciences/sociology/Cohort_Photos/DSC_0004.jpg /uploadedImages/academic/college_of_arts_and_sciences/sociology/Cohort_Photos/DSC_0005.jpg /uploadedImages/academic/college_of_arts_and_sciences/sociology/Cohort_Photos/DSC_0007.jpg 





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