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Guidelines for Community College Transfer Students


Students who complete both the Associate Degree and the Transfer and Articulation Agreement can expect to finish a degree in Social Work in two years at Fort Hays State University. The Transfer and Articulation agreement concerns community college general education requirements, and if completed, means that students do not have to complete Fort Hays general education requirements.

Required Coursework
The Social Work Program requires 53 hours of social work courses. The program also requires 38 hours of nonsocial work courses that are foundation courses and prerequisites. Students may take many of the nonsocial work courses at the community college. Students may also take some of the Fort Hays State University courses online through the Virtual College before transferring.

The following courses are available online:

  • SOCW 260: Introduction to Social Work
  • SOC 362: Methods of Social Research
  • The following courses are cognates:
  • SOC 140: Introduction to Sociology
  • POLS 101: American Government
  • BIOL 100: Human Biology
  • MATH 250: Elements of Statistics
  • IDS 300: Economic Ideas and Current Issues
  • IDS 350: Multiculturalism in the U.S.
  • PSY 100: General Psychology
  • IDS 400: Bioethics
  • MLNG 225: Spanish I
  • MLNG 226: Spanish II

Note: SOC 362, IDS 300, IDS 350, IDS 400 will not be available at community colleges. SOCW 260 may be available at some community colleges.

Note:    Students must follow the Social Work curriculum and take the required non-social work courses either online from Fort Hays State University or from the community college in order to complete the BSW degree in two years at FHSU when they transfer in.

Students must complete a minimum of 60 hours of Fort Hays State University courses in order to graduate with a BSW from Fort Hays State University. For example:

  • 53 hours of Social Work classes
  • 3 hours Bioethics
  • 3 hours Multiculturalism
  • 3 hours Technical and Report Writing
    62 hours Total

 Note:    If students take Introduction to Social Work at a community college, they must then take one of the nonsocial work required courses or an elective at Fort Hays to make the 60 hour minimum requirement, in addition to the above courses.

Time on Campus
Transfer students will have classes on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays only for 3 semesters, followed by a full semester field practicum placement that can be taken in one's home community. The average semester load is either 12 hours plus 6 hours in the summers or 15 hours per semester.

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