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Eight-Week University Grant Writing Certification Program

No travel required - the course is offered online and students receive a book with access to video presentations by the teacher.
The course is available to students within the US. The course is not available to students living outside of the US at this time.
Total cost: $175
Register for the next class here. (The next class begins February 14, 2019).  Registration is Open.
The program is offered online to students within the US three times each year. Contact us for information on other times.

This is an introduction to the grant proposal writing course, although several highly experienced proposal writers have found great value in our course as a review and refresher course. The areas of focus will be the key parts of the most sophisticated type of proposals: title page, abstract, statement of need, goal, objectives, procedures, budget, qualifications, evaluation, sustainability, dissemination, sources cited, and appendix.

"This Grant Writing Certification Course is the BEST training I have had in this area. The course  was well developed and organized in a manner that one could really understand and comprehend  the material. Dr. Campbell's teaching videos really gave one a visual of how each component related to each other. It was exciting, challenging, and demanding, but the end result was well  worth the effort. The one major part of this training that will always stay with me is the fact that  he related proposal writing to our civic and community involvement. Writing a proposal gives one the opportunity to address problems affecting our friends, neighbors and county. Obtaining a  grant for an agency has the potential to transform lives and lift individuals to a higher standard of living. This is accomplished all because of well-written WORDS in a proposal.
Again, thank you Dr. Campbell! - Mary M.

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5 Reasons to Take Part in FHSU's Eight-Week Grant Writing Certificate Program

  1. Unlike most grant writing training offered throughout the United States, this program is provided by a University, rather than an individual or small company. Fort Hays State University has been around since 1902, and has been offering online instruction since the early 1990's. The academic integrity of the Eight-Week Granting Writing class is unsurpassed.
  2. "The course sure helped me see how unorganized my grant
    proposals actually appeared to the reviewers. The information
    was exactly what I needed without a lot of fluff. I'm especially
    appreciative of the part on common mistakes."

    - Richard P., MD, PhD
    Physician on an Indian reservation in Kansas
  3. Most training lasts one or two days. This program lasts two months and is provided online, which allows you time to more fully integrate information within you.
  4. "I loved having the flexibility this class offered. My family
    had a lot of company during the class, so it was a huge relief
    not to have homework deadlines. That combined with the very
    user friendly guide book (thank you very much!) helped me
    learn what I needed to learn by the end of the class."

    - Terry M.
    Business Manager in a rural hospital in Colorado
  5. Most grant writing seminars hand you a certificate at the end of the seminar, usually given simply for attendance. There is no check on the information learned. The certification for the Eight-Week Grant Training class is performance based, and people who receive the certificate have demonstrated their grant proposal writing ability. You must score 70% or higher on a test to receive a certificate.
  6. "I had the opportunity to enroll in other proposal writing
    courses. However, the advantage of your program was to do the
    course online and be able to view your video as many times as
    necessary for reviews. This course is an excellent opportunity
    for any professional having a busy work and home life. Thank you!"

    - Charlotte P.
    Community Relations Manager in a rural hospital in Kansas
  7. Because many professions require employees to receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) as part of their professional development, you will receive 10 CEUs for this training, even if you score below 70% on the test.
  8. "For both the novice and veteran proposal writer, this class
    offers a blueprint for success in writing grant proposals. Along
    with the DVD, the clear and concise course guide takes you
    step-by-step through the proposal writing process."

    - Gloria H.
    Grant Proposal Writer for a rural hospital in Minnesota
  9. Most grant writing training is not taught by someone with a PhD. Your instructor, Dr. Keith Campbell, has his PhD in sociology, which is the study of society and groups of people. His academic training combines with his success as a grant proposal writer, consultant, grant proposal reviewer at the national level and more than 20 years of teaching grant writing at the university level.
  10. "I commend you on the book you created for the course. I was
    especially pleased with all the inside counsel you provided to help
    us avoid pitfalls. Thank you for taking the time to share with all of us
    your passion for proposal writing and your desire to help us."

    - Iris. J.
    Director of a school for abused and abandoned girls in Puerto Rico

Register online for the next class, which begins February 14, 2019.  Registration is OpenIf you can't start then, please contact us to be informed of future offerings (typically three a year).


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