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The Student Health Center works in collaboration with Vivature Health to bill insurance. If Vivature Health needs additional information from you, you may receive a telephone call from their toll-free number: (866)-890-6390.

Steps to scheduling a medical appointment via on-line:

1.  Visit the Student Health Center website at
2.  Select the "Vivature Health" title in the middle of the page (direct link is
3.  Enter username and password in the Student Login section
     a.  Username= FHSU Email Address
     b.  Password= Tiger Card ID Number (8-digits)
4.  Select the box next to "I agree to the Privacy notes & Terms & conditions"
5.  Select the "Next" icon
6.  Under the "My Records" tab (top blue tab), begin entering your health records: immunizations, insurance information, contact information, etc.

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