International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

ISEP Offers Variety

Study at 100 sites worldwide, including non-traditional sites in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the South Pacific. Semester and full-year exchanges are available. Summer and longer exchanges are also possible. Courses can be taken in either a foreign language or in English. Exchanges are available in almost every field, including technical fields at both undergraduate and graduate levels of study.

ISEP is Affordable

ISEP exchanges include tuition, fees, room and board throughout the length of the exchange. Because ISEP is a reciprocal exchange program, your costs are based on the costs of tuition, fees, room & board at FHSU and are paid directly to FHSU. Your FHSU financial aid package can be applied toward participation in ISEP.

ISEP is a Total Immersion Program

In most cases, ISEP participants register as a regular student at the host institution, take the same courses, have the same assignments and participate in the same activities as local students at that institution.

When can I go?

ISEP offers year, semester, and limited summer exchange opportunities. If you are interested in a semester only placement, then the spring semester may be your best option as many fall semesters do not end by January 1. Each participating university offers different placement options, so be sure to check placement availability and semester beginning and ending dates. Information about specific university placement options can be found at the official ISEP Web site.

Who is eligible?

FHSU students who have completed one year of study and who are currently enrolled and in good academic standing. A minimum GPA of 2.75 is required to apply but individual institutions may have other GPA requirements. Graduate students are also eligible for an ISEP exchange.

What are the costs associated with ISEP?

With an ISEP exchange, you pay FHSU tuition, fees, residential housing and meal plan costs, Tiger ID cost for incoming student, and meals for vacation periods. The cost of an ISEP exchange is very affordable.

Some sites offer an ISEP Direct placement. With an ISEP Direct placement, you pay the tuition and fees of the host school. This cost varies from site to site. More information about ISEP Direct can be found at the ISEP website.

Can I use financial aid?

Yes! With an ISEP exchange, if you qualify for financial aid in the form of Stafford and/or other loans, Pell or SEOG Grants, and/or scholarships, you may apply the aid to the cost of the Study Abroad Program. Unfortunately, financial aid can not be used for ISEP Direct placements.

When is the application deadline?

Deadline for Fall Semester & Academic Year Exchange: February 15

Deadline for Spring Semester Exchange: September 1
Deadline for Summer Semester Exchange: Varies by institution

Applications are available in the International Student Services Office, Forsyth Library, Room 036. You should meet with one of the ISEP program coordinators before filling out an application. Completed applications are to be returned to the International Student Services Office by the above deadline dates.

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