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National Student Exchange (NSE)

National Student Exchange (NSE) is a wonderful way of experiencing life at a different college or university in the United States, Virgin Islands, Guam, or Puerto Rico. Through NSE, you can attend one of over 190 NSE member schools for a maximum of one year and pay affordable FHSU tuition and fees! Unfortunately, international, virtual, and graduate students are not eligible to participate. For detailed information, please visit the NSE official website.

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To learn more about participating in the NSE program through FHSU, you may pick up an information booklet in the International Student Services Office, located in the basement of Forsyth Library, room 036. The NSE Directory of Exchange Opportunities booklet lists all the schools that participate in NSE and will provide you with some basic information about each school. After you have decided which school(s) you would like to apply for, consult with your academic advisor, departmental chair, and/or your degree analyst. They will discuss with you issues such as course transfers and graduation requirements.

Please read the NSE Directory carefully as it will answer many of your questions. Pay close attention to campus details, such as which programs are open or closed and which programs have special requirements.


To participate in NSE, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Be entering your sophomore or junior year (some seniors may qualify).
  • Be a full-time student and have completed at least 30 hours.
  • Submit an application, application fee, and two recommendation forms.

Choosing a School

Part of the application process includes developing a list of schools you'd like to attend. You may choose from any one the 190 campuses listed in the directory. If the campus is not listed in the directory, you may not attend that school through NSE. FHSU students must choose a participating school that is located outside of Kansas.

There are two exchange plans, A and B. Plan B allows you to attend another school but continue to pay your tuition to FHSU as you would if you were taking classes here. FHSU is a Plan B school, so you may only select campuses that offer Plan B as an alternative. The benefit of Plan B is that you get to pay our "affordable success" tuition at colleges and universities that typically have much higher tuition.

Application Process

After you have chose a school, the first step is to fill out the NSE application and supporting materials. Applications are available starting in November, with the priority deadline set for February 1st! Applications submitted after February 1st through February 12th will be considered on a space-available basis. You will also need to pay the application fee at that time. You may pick up an application from the International Student Services office, room 036 in the basement of Forsyth library.

When completing your application, pl;ease list only the schools you will attend, if place there. It is best to select several schools as options for exchange. While NSE has a positive track record for placing students, there is a chance your first choice will fill up quickly if it is a popular NSE school. If you only choose one school and do not get placed there, you will NOT receive a refund on your application fee. Additionally, if you choose more than one school an are placed into one of the schools, and you withdraw because it was not your first choice, you will NOT receive a refund. Therefore, it is important to list only the schools you would like to attend.

The next step is to simply wait until you hear about your placement! The NSE coordinators meet every March at the Placement Conference to place their students. You will receive word about your placement from Carol Solko-Olliff shortly after the conference. Then, you can start preparing for your exchange! The NSE coordinators at your home campus (FHSU) and your host campus will help you prepare for your exchange experience. You will get assistance with housing, financial aid, academic advising, registration for courses, and more.

Learn More

You may attend a group NSE informational session to learn more about NSE, which is held in November each year. Please check the campus master calendar for the date and time. If you missed the group session or cannot make it, you can schedule an individual consultation with the NSE Coordinator, Carol Solko-Olliff, by calling 785-628-4176.


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