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Workshops and Short Courses


Science & Mathematics Education Institute

The Science & Mathematics Education Institute offers a number of workshops with a variety of subject matter throughout the year. Participants have the option of earning graduate credit and/or professional development points for many of the workshops. Whether you are a teacher, school administrator or even just a science or math enthusiast, there is something for everyone.

Short Courses

What are short courses?

Designed to be completed within a 4 to 6 week format, short courses are offered online for one credit hour. These courses are easy to access and applicable to current classroom practices. Assignments are project-based, engaging and learner-centered.

Who should take a short course?

Licensed In-Service Teachers: Teachers currently working in the field can earn graduate credit towards license renewal. Administrators using evaluation protocols may recommend short courses to their teachers for improvement in targeted areas.

Pre-Service Teacher Candidates: Undergraduates in the Department of Teacher Education can also take short courses. These courses are a good fit for anyone desiring a hands-on and practically based approach. While short courses are not part of degree program requirements, these courses are a great fit if you need an extra credit hour or two for a full semester course load.

What course topics are offered?

Kansas Educator Evaluation Protocol (KEEP) Short Courses

KEEP Construct 1.1 Successful Instruction for Diverse Learners
KEEP Construct 1.2 Learner Differences
KEEP Construct 2.2 Innovative Applications of Content Knowledge
KEEP Construct 3.1 Planning for Instruction
KEEP Construct 3.2 Assessment
KEEP Construct 4.1 Reflection and Continuous Growth

Other Short Courses

Differentiated Instruction
Creating the Inclusive Classroom
Guided Reading and Writing
Teaching Smarter with Smartboards
Self-Reflection as an Improvement Tool
Planning and Assessing Instruction
Developing a Conducive Learning Environment
Collaboration in Education
Effective Teacher Observation and Feedback

How do I enroll?

Licensed teachers should first apply to the Graduate School. Upon acceptance, enroll in any short course through TigerEnroll (look for courses coded TEEL 673).
Undergraduate students in the Department of Teacher Education can enroll now by speaking with their advisors or finding the short courses in TigerEnroll (course codes TEEL 673).

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