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Maintenance Window

As technology operations on campus strive to be more responsive, it is necessary to schedule time for regular server maintenance without impacting service to the campus. In our 24x7 world, finding that perfect time is difficult, complicated by wanting vendor support available should there be issues. Taking all of these issues into consideration, we have implemented a weekly maintenance window on Thursday mornings, from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. Central Time (CT).

The maintenance window is a period of time that is designated for preventative maintenance, upgrades or just server reboots that could cause disruption of service when they are performed. By having this maintenance window defined, our goal is to allow you to prepare for potential disruptions and outages that might occur. There could be weeks when the entire time is used, and others where minimal work is done, so you may experience intermittent service interruptions or none at all.

You will not receive notifications for routine maintenance performed during this weekly maintenance window, but during times where service will be performed on critical systems, a notification will be sent. Please note that planned outages outside of this period might be necessary, but we will always warn you in advance should that situation arise.


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