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Welcome to the Institute for New Media Studies

Housed in the Communication Studies department and dedicated to the transdisciplinary study of new media as it impacts human communication, the institute resides in a lab and collaboration space in room 106 in Malloy Hall.

We are in the process of renovating the room and preparing equipment to serve our various projects. The institute will provide resources to support members of the community in their use and understanding of new media approaches to teaching, research, and service.

The Institute for New Media Studies will serve as a nexus of experimentation and education. We already have several projects beginning this semester covering 3D printing, visualizing complex concepts, and blending physical and virtual spaces.

Faculty are welcome to participate by using the lab's resources to support teaching, working with students on projects or research, and pursuing their own unique research agendas as they intersect with new media approaches.

Students are welcome to participate by engaging class projects in a more advanced way, partnering with faculty members to work on individual research, and seeking guidance in their own independent studies.

If you have questions or want to learn more, visit our website at, call 785-628-5876, or email

  • Hold a virtual spaceship in your hand with augmented reality
  • 55" Interactive Smart Table
  • Scanning and printing 3D objects
  • Large screen displays
  • Learn about 100 of years of technology with our historical display of communication technology

The Institute is always evolving and will never be "finished" because we partner with people all over campus including each college, athletics, the Memorial Union, student groups, and more. Have an idea for a project? Tell us about it and we can help make it happen. Our technology and our partners are on the cutting edge with bigger and better projects down the road.

Our projects and technology are supported financially and in spirit by units all over campus and we thank them!

  • Department of Communication Studies
  • Provost's Office
  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • College of Education and Technology
  • Forsyth Library
  • Institute for Applied Technology
  • Undergraduate Research Experience Program
  • Memorial Union
  • Faculty members across campus
  • Society for Conceptual Logistics in Communication Research
  • An international collection of expert Fellows
  • Courses, student research teams, and individual projects


If you have questions, would like to learn more, or have an idea please contact the Director of the Institute for New Media Studies, Gordon Carlson.





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