Tiger Card
Excess Financial Assistance

Virtual Students please see other Financial Aid Disbursement Methods.

If you choose the Tiger Card option in TigerEnroll for your refund option, all excess financial aid and other refunds are applied to your individual Tiger Card debit account. Aid is applied first to tuition and fees, residential life charges, and any charges assessed. Since books are not part of university charges, you are responsible for purchasing textbooks. Available excess aid (except Federal Work-Study) will be deposited to your Tiger Card in accordance with the Office of Student Fiscal Services policy.

Commerce Bank Tiger Checking
Each on-campus student may open a Tiger Checking Account upon enrolling at FHSU. The Tiger Checking Account is a Free checking account that links to your Tiger Card. Once the account is funded, you can use your Tiger Card to get cash at ATMs, make purchases anywhere in the US that accepts PIN-based transactions, and all over the FHSU campus.

Commerce Bank FHSU Branch:
    Memorial Union
Visit the Commerce Bank web site for complete information on Tiger Checking

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