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"Employers and recent college graduates reject a higher education approach that focuses narrowly on providing knowledge and skills in a specific field; majorities instead believe that an undergraduate college education should provide a balance of a well-rounded education and knowledge and skills in a specific field." Peter D. Hart Research Associates.*

Top Ten Things Employers Look for in New College Graduates *

What Is It?

Using TigerLink's Curriculums feature, students will choose the programs, activities, and events that will specifically help them improve their chances of success in the workforce following graduation.

Why Should I Do This?

Students who complete any Curriculum at Fort Hays State University will

  • Be recognized at the yearly Awards Reception in the spring
  • Will receive a special honorary cord for Commencement
  • Earn a "digital badge" that can be posted to social media sites, such as LinkedIn
  • Obtain a transcript of their co-curricular activities and awards

How Long Do I Have?

Students may work on Curriculums throughout their entire time at FHSU. Track your progress through your entire time at FHSU on TigerLink.

How Do I Start?

Go online to your TigerLink profile and select the "Curriculum" tab. Your progress for each Curriculum can be viewed there, along with the requirements you need to fulfill. If you have any questions, contact the Center for Student Involvement.

*Source: http://www.aacu.org/sites/default/files/files/LEAP/2007_full_report_leap.pdf (Overview Section, Pg.1)


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