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TigerNetID FAQ's

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We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions that we have received about this project. Please reach out to someone in the Technology Services department if you have a question that is not answered on this page.  We'll continue to provide more FAQ's based on additional questions received.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TigerNetID?

TigerNetID is your username and password for the majority of FHSU information technology systems and certain "Cloud" services provided by FHSU, such as Office 365.

How do I activate my TigerNetID?

Follow the directions at www.fhsu.edu/activate

How can I tell if I've activated my TigerNetID?

You can use the password reset portal to see if you've activated your TigerNetID:

  • Go to password.fhsu.edu.
  • Enter your TigerNetID username. Click Next.
  • If 3 security questions come up, your TigerNetID has been activated. You can close the window without taking further action.
  • If you see an error message, you haven't activated your TigerNetID and need to follow the directions at www.fhsu.edu/activate

What are the password requirements for my TigerNetID?

Your TigerNetID password must:

  • Contain 10 or more characters
  • Contain 3 of the following 4 items: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, special characters (such as !@#$%^&*;:’”,<.>/?)
  • Not contain your first name, last name, or username
  • Be changed once a year

How do I find my TigerNetID username?

This is explained on the TigerNetID Activate page at www.fhsu.edu/activate

What is my initial password?

This is explained on the TigerNetID Activate page at www.fhsu.edu/activate

Do I need to type @fhsu.edu or @mail.fhsu.edu after my TigerNetID username?

Yes, if you're logging in to Office 365. You will need to use the format TigerNetID@fhsu.edu (faculty/staff) or TigerNetID@mail.fhsu.edu (students) when logging in to Office 365 because Microsoft handles accounts for many organizations. If you don't include @fhsu.edu or @mail.fhsu.edu, Microsoft doesn't know which organization you belong to.

Other FHSU logins will accept either format. Windows login, VPN, and the CAS login screen used for TigerCentral, TigerTracks, Blackboard, and other FHSU applications will accept either your short username (just your TigerNetID, without @fhsu.edu or @mail.fhsu.edu) or your full username (including @mail.fhsu.edu or @fhsu.edu).

So, if in doubt, type @mail.fhsu.edu (students) or @fhsu.edu (faculty/staff) after your username.

How can I reset my TigerNetID password after I've activated my account?

Follow these instructions. Please note: These instructions only work for people who have previously activated their TigerNetID.

How can I change my security questions after I've activated my account?

You can change your security questions at any time, as long as you know your password. Simply go to passwordreg.fhsu.edu and follow the prompts.

Username: Enter your TigerNetID username. *Internet Explorer users: Students should enter their full email address (username@mail.fhsu.edu). Faculty/staff should enter their username followed by @fhsu.edu (username@fhsu.edu).

Password: Enter your current password (you'll be asked to enter it twice).

When you are finished, you will receive a message saying your security question registration is complete. If you also want to change your password, click Continue. If you don't want to change your password, simply close your browser window.

Where can I learn more about Office 365?

Visit our Office 365 page

Are students moving from G-mail to Outlook?

No. Students will continue using G-mail.

What systems use your TigerNetID?

Once you activate your TigerNetID, you should use it when logging in to these systems.  This list may not be complete, and not all persons have access to all of these systems.

  • AcademicWorks
  • Blackboard
  • Digital Measures
  • EMS
  • G-mail (@mail.fhsu.edu e-mail)
  • Lab computers
  • Library proxy
  • Office 365
  • Perceptive Content
  • Starfish/Tiger IQ
  • Tiger[Link]
  • TigerCentral
  • TigerEnroll
  • TigerNetFacultyStaff (wireless)
  • TigerTracks
  • VPN
  • Windows-based office computers
  • Anywhere else you see the “FHSU Central Authentication Service” login page
  • Anywhere else you are told to enter your "TigerTracks username and password"

What systems do not use your TigerNetID?

You should continue logging into these systems as you always have, even after activating your TigerNetID.  This list may not be complete, and not all persons have access to all of these systems.

  •  Avid (students only)
  • CICS (mainframe)
  • DocSoft
  • ExacqVision
  • Financial Edge
  • IFAS
  • Lotus Notes
  • PowerFAIDS
  • Raiser's Edge
  • Starrez

I fell for a phishing scam, or my account has been compromised. What do I do?

You should change your password and security questions immediately. Follow the directions at www.fhsu.edu/activate, substituting your current TigerNetID password whenever you're told to enter your initial password.

Make sure you change your security questions! Scammers frequently steal your password then change your security questions so they have a way into your account if you change your password.

Contact TigerTech if you need assistance with this.

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