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TigerNetID Help

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General tips

  • Use a desktop or laptop computer with a physical keyboard (not a phone, tablet, or other mobile device). 
  • Use Firefox or Chrome.
  • Do not use Internet Explorer.  It will try to be helpful and fill in information for you, which will result in authentication errors.
  • If you keep getting errors or can’t get past a window, completely close all of your browser windows (not just the tab) and try again.  This clears information out of your browser that may be causing errors.
  • Certain stages of the TigerNetID process will time out if you’re on the screen for too long.  If you’re interrupted while activating your TigerNetID, it’s best to close your browser completely and start over.

Specific problems

When I enter my username and password, then click Log In or OK, the window pops back up.

  1. This means your username or password are incorrect.  Make sure you’re typing the correct username and following the initial password formula (NOT typing your TigerTracks password). 
  2. Follow all of the General Tips (listed above).
  3. Try typing @mail.fhsu.edu after your username (students) or @fhsu.edu (faculty/staff).
  4. Check if you fall into any of these categories:
  • Student employees and GTAs with individual Windows logins or ImageNow logins: use your Windows or ImageNow password
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders clinical students who access RDS (remote desktop):use the password you use to access RDS
  • KAMS students with FHSU-provided laptops: use your computer password

When choosing security questions, I get the error “One or more answers do not comply with policy.”
Answers must be unique and must contain 4 or more characters.  Answers that do not comply will have red text under them.

I can’t remember the answers to my security questions.
If you know your password, go to passwordreg.fhsu.edu and choose new security questions.

If you don't know your password, contact TigerTech

I’m trying to choose a new password, but it won’t accept anything I enter.
Completely close all of your browser windows (not just the tab) and start over at password.fhsu.edu

Make sure you’re following the password rules.

  • Must contain 10 or more characters
  • Must not contain your first name, last name, or username
  • Must be different from your previous 12 passwords
  • Must contain 3 of these 4 items:
    • Lowercase Letters
    • Numbers
    • Special characters (such as ; : ‘ “ + = - _ [ ] . > , )

If you are still experiencing an issue with your TigerNetID please contact TigerTech.


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