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FHSU Mail Frequently Asked Questions

FHSU Mail is the official e-mail account for Fort Hays State University Students. Outlook is the official e-mail account for Faculty/Staff.

FHSU Mail is accessed using a Google Apps (Gmail) Platform. For any FHSU Mail topics not covered by the Frequently Asked Questions listed below, you can search support.google.com.



What is my FHSU Mail address?

FHSU student e-mail addresses use the format: YourTigerNetIDUsername@mail.fhsu.edu

When I try to log into FHSU Mail, I get an "Invalid E-mail" error. What should I do?

If you just recently applied for admission, your account should be available within one business day (under normal processing conditions). If this does not apply to you, please contact TigerTech to have one created.

If I just applied for admission to Fort Hays State University, how soon will I be able to use my FHSU e-mail?

If you just recently applied for admission, your account should be available within one business day (under normal processing conditions).

How can I recover or change the password for my FHSU Mail account?

The TigerNetID login is used to access student FHSU Mail accounts. For login or password assistance, contact TigerTech.

Are instructions available for accessing my FHSU Mail using other programs?

The official method for accessing FHSU Mail is through Google Apps (Gmail). While we encourage you to access your FHSU e-mail using this site, you may use other programs if you wish. See FHSU E-Mail Settings for your Mobile Device for the basic information needed to set up other e-mail programs to access your FHSU Mail account.

How can I access my FHSU Mail using my mobile device?

For information needed to set up the default e-mail program on your mobile device to access your student e-mail, see FHSU Mail Settings for your Mobile Device.

If your mobile device has an Internet browser, you can also access your e-mail by going to fhsu.edu and clicking on the GMAIL tab.

How much space do I have in my FHSU Mail account?

Each FHSU Mail account has unlimted storage across the Gmail, Drive, and Google Photos applications.

What if I do not want to use my FHSU Mail account?

We encourage students to use their FHSU Mail account because it is the official university communication. However, if you wish to have your email forwarded you can click here to learn how to forward to a different personal account.

The FHSU Mail account is accessed using a Google Apps (Gmail) platform, which provides a variety of other free online features and applications. Please keep in mind that you may need to use other applications provided in your Gmail Apps account (such as Google Docs) if required by an instructor.

Why are all my e-mails with the same subject line organized together?

As a default, the Conversation View setting is turned on and this feature groups e-mail replies together with their original message, creating a single conversation or thread. To read more about this feature or learn how to shut if off, view the Gmail Help Center's support page for Conversations.

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