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Mac Password Changes

Users that DO NOT need to change password:

Clients that login with a generic user account or do not follow the standard first initial, middle initial, last-name format (i.e. Kyle G. Watson = kgwatson)

Users that DO need to change password:

  1. Click the following link, enter your credentials, and answer new security questions http://passwordreg.fhsu.edu
  2. Then go to http://password.fhsu.edu in order to change your password
  3. Open a Finder window and within Applications choose the Utilities folder (Command+Shift+U for keyboard shortcut)
  4. Once within Utilities double-click Keychain Access
  5. Go to the "Keychain Access" drop down menu located on the menu bar at the top left corner of the screen and select "Preferences"
  6. Under the "General" tab check the box by "Show keychain status in menu bar." A lock icon will appear by your Date and Time in the top right of your screen
  7. You may now quit Keychain Access by returning to the "Keychain Access" drop down menu and selecting "Quit Keychain Access" (Command+Q on keyboard)
  8. Click the lock located at the top right of your screen and select "Lock Screen" and log back in
    1. If you had to use your old password to login follow all of the following steps
    2. If it accepted your new password skip to step 12 and proceed to the end
  9. Go to the Apple drop down menu and select "System Preferences"
  10. From here, depending on your operating system, select "Accounts" or "Users & Groups"
  11. Make sure your username is selected and choose "Change Password…" and change it to the new password that you created during step 2
  12. Now log out of your account by going to the Apple menu and choosing "Log Out…"
  13. After logging in with your new password select "Update Keychain Password"
  14. When prompted, "OS X wants to use the "login" keychain" enter your old password
    1. If you are using a desktop the password changing process is complete
    2. If you are using a laptop continue
  15. Return to "System Preferences" and choose "Network"
  16. Make sure "Wi-fi" is selected and click "Turn Wi-fi Off" wait 5-10 seconds and click "Turn Wi-Fi On"
  17. OS X will prompt to enter your TigerNetFacultyStaff Wi-fi credentials which should be the same as your username and your new password that you use to login to your computer
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