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TigerEnroll Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE NOTE: Additional Frequently Asked Questions are available on the TigerEnroll Welcome screen (the first window that appears after you log in to TigerEnroll)

Where do I pay for added courses if I have already finalized my enrollment in TigerEnroll?

If you have already finalized your enrollment for a given semester, but then decided to add course(s), payment for the added course(s) should be made under Online Services by following these steps:

  • Login to TigerTracks
  • Click on the Online Services tab
  • Under Finances, click on Account Balance/Make A Payment

If the TigerTracks portal is unavailable, is there any other way to access TigerEnroll?

Yes! TigerEnroll can also be accessed by going directly to enroll.fhsu.edu.

Why am I unable to check the box and continue on under the personal information section of Make Payment Arrangements?

This problem usually occurs when using the Safari browser. Safari is not compatible with some FHSU systems. Mozilla Firefox is the recommended Internet browser for accessing TigerEnroll at Fort Hays State University. Firefox can be downloaded free at www.mozilla.com for both the Windows and Macintosh platforms.

When can I finalize my enrollment for the Fall semester?

After July 1 when Tuition and Fees become available from the Kansas Legislature. After Tuition and Fees become available, they will be listed in the Make Payment Arrangements section under the Enrollment/Payment tab in TigerEnroll.

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