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Virus Information

Extensive virus cleaning services are not provided by the University, as it is the user's responsibility to maintain a virus-free computer. Computer repair referral information may be obtained at the TigerTech. If you think your computer has a virus, DO NOT connect it to the Internet!

NOTE: If your FHSU Internet connection is disabled more than twice due to unsuccessful attempts to remove a virus from your computer, at the discretion of the Division of Technology Services, service may be permanently disabled for the remainder of the current semester.

Where can I get free anti-virus/anti-malware software?

For Windows:

For Macintosh:

Basic Steps for Cleaning an Infected Computer:

  1. Download your preferred virus cleaning or anti-virus program using a computer that is not infected. Refer to the program's Help function or Web site for installation and usage instructions.
  2. Close all open applications on the infected computer. Transfer the downloaded file(s) to the infected computer using a portable storage device, such as a USB drive or disk. (We recommend using an empty USB drive or disk, so it can be reformatted immediately after completing these steps, without losing other data. This will ensure that it is not used to transmit viruses from the infected computer.)
  3. Install the virus cleaning or anti-virus program on the infected computer.
  4. Scan the computer for viruses. Follow the program instructions to remove the infected files from your computer. If you are prompted to restart, DO NOT RESTART at this time. In addition to scanning the main hard drive of the computer, it is recommended that you also scan your portable storage device. Repeat this step to run the virus detection program again until your computer is clean twice in a row. After the scans are clean twice in a row, you may then restart the computer.
  5. As an additional precautionary step, you may wish to reformat your portable storage device. WARNING: Reformatting will permanently delete all files contained on the device.
  6. If you are unable to remove all viruses from your computer using these steps, we recommend contacting a computer repair business for further assistance. A Technical Assistance Referral List of businesses and individuals providing technical services in the local area (Hays, KS) may be obtained by contacting TigerTech.
  7. If your FHSU Internet connection has been disabled due to virus or malware activity, you must complete ALL of the above steps successfully - in the order presented - before service can be restored. To reestablish your service, contact TigerTech at (785) 628-FHSU or 1-800-628-FHSU.

*FHSU does not endorse any particular anti-virus or anti-malware solution, and other companies not mentioned here may provide comparable programs. Third-party programs listed here are not affiliated with Fort Hays State University or TigerTech, and while we feel it is very important to use anti-virus and anti-malware programs, we cannot make any guarantees regarding their use.

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