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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I have an Advisor?
A: Yes. An academic advisor will be assigned once you have been admitted to the Graduate School. Advisor information can be found in your TigerTracks account.

Q: What will it cost?
A: Refer to the most recent Tuition and Fees Schedule:

Q: What is the KPTP?
A: The KPTP is the Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio. This is a required licensure component for the state of Kansas and will be completed during your last year of the program. Course instructors will guide you in this process.

Q: Can I receive Financial Aid?
A: Yes. 6 credit hours per semester is required for half-time eligibility in the Non-degree T2T program and 5 credit hours per semester is required for half-time eligibility in the MSE+T2T program.

Q. Can I substitute some of the education courses I've already had for the required courses in the program?
A. This specific program has been approved by the Kansas State Department of Education, therefore, no substitutions are allowed.

Q. What if I have a few course deficiencies of meeting FHSU's content area program?
A. KSDE requires all content coursework to be completed prior to entering the program.

Q. Must I have a job to start the program?
A. Yes, KSDE regulations require that a candidate hired by a Kansas School district.

Q. When should I take the content test?
A. ASAP! It is required to be passed before KSDE will issue you a restricted teaching license. Register at

Q. What is the tuition I will pay?
A. FHSU's tuition continues to be one of the lowest in the state. The courses are all graduate level. Check the Tuition and Fees site for current tuition rates.

Q. When can I get into the program?
A. The program is geared toward those people that are hired to begin teaching jobs in August, but you may enter mid-year. You will be required to attend an Induction course during the summer prior to the beginning of the school year.

Q. Will I be required to attend classes in Hays?
A. The greatest benefit of this program is that all courses are online. The only time you will be required to come to Hays is for the Induction prior to starting your first year.

Q. Who will teach the classes?
A. They will all be taught by qualified education faculty at Fort Hays State University.

Q. Are there any other tests required?
A. Yes, before applying for your next license (initial) you must pass the PLT (Principles of Learning and Teaching) pedagogy test.

Q. What type of teaching license will I have?
A. While you are completing coursework in the program, you will have a Restricted Teaching License and are considered highly qualified in your subject area. Once you complete the program, then you will be eligible to apply for either a two year Initial Teaching License or a five year Professional Teaching License.

Q. Can I get a masters degree with coursework from the T2T program?
A. Yes, coursework from the T2T program can be applied toward a Master of Science in Education at FHSU. Please contact Mrs. Amanda Frank for more information.

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