Student Information

  • All students are required to have a Student ID Card to serve as official photo identification. The Tiger Card may be obtained at the Tiger Card Center, Memorial Union, room 208. The Tiger Card is valid for the duration of enrollment for undergrad and graduate students at Fort Hays State University.
  • The Tiger Card is property of Fort Hays State University and may be used for class rosters and other university needs. It must be carried at all times and presented to university officials upon request. The Tiger Card is non-transferable. Your Tiger Card does not expire as long as you are currently enrolled at FHSU. You do not need to replace your card each semester or year.
  • As of April 3, 2017 there will be a $10 fee for any new or replacement Tiger Card. This includes any cards that are lost, stolen, thrown away, or mutilated. If you need to cancel your card or if it is lost contact the Card Center at 785-628-5533.
  • Once a Tiger Card has been cancelled it can NOT be reactivated if found.
  • DO NOT lend your card to anyone else. This will prevent fraud and unauthorized use of the features and services of the Tiger Card. It can warrant confiscation and/or disciplinary action.
  • DO NOT punch holes, cut, scratch, expose the card to excessive sunlight or heat, or otherwise deface your Tiger Card. Such damage may render your card invalid and may cause damage to the magnetic stripe or RFID chip. Storing the Tiger Card back to back with a credit card, cell phone, or magnet may cause the stripe to become demagnetized.
  • The Tiger Card can be used for a meal plan, Flexi Cash, at the Library to check out books and technology,for services at the Wellness Center and Student Health Center, and limited door access.
  • In order to obtain a valid Tiger Card, you must present one of the following valid photo identifications: government issued driver's license, passport, military ID, government ID, high school ID, or other college ID.
  • Please be prepared to take a photo at the time of the visit. Headwear including ball caps and sunglasses must be removed for photo.
  • Make sure to take your Tiger Card to campus events. Any event where your Tiger Card is scanned will appear on your Co-Curricular Transcript in TigerLink.
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