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University Relations and Marketing
Fort Hays State University
600 Park Street
Hammond Hall 204
Phone: 785-628-4206



The story of Fort Hays State University is encapsulated in its brand identity - Forward thinking. World ready. The mission of University Relations is to tell that story to as many audiences as possible and to tell it through all the individual stories that go into it, stories of students, faculty, staff and the amazing variety of things they do.

The elements of the Fort Hays State story, its place in the world and in our students' lives, are explicit in our five brand drivers:

  • Learning opportunities with exceptional depth, inside and outside the classroom, from the beginning of the college experience;
  • Outstanding faculty and staff who deliver exceptional attention and support;
  • An expectation of social, civic and professional engagement;
  • Partnerships and learning experiences that bring together cultures, perspectives and thinking from around the world; and
  • Innovation that drives solutions.

Our policy at University Relations is to use our professional expertise and experience to help each individual part of the university community illustrate how the education offered here brings these dry descriptions to life through the lives of our faculty, staff and, most importantly, our students.

Working together, we will show how Fort Hays State creates an environment that enables its students to graduate prepared for the next stage of their lives. Forward thinking. World ready.

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