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News and Events

Do you have a news?

(an upcoming event, an award, a grant ...)

If you know of a news event in your area, be sure you tell us before the event occurs. We try hard to cover the campus but please don't assume that we know what's happening everywhere. In order for the university to be successful with publicity, we need your help and cooperation.

We have or can develop distribution lists to send news to targeted media at no cost to you. A word of caution: While we are most willing to send news to the media, we have no way of guaranteeing its publication. If your news absolutely has to be in the paper or on the airwaves, you should plan to purchase advertising.

Following are just a few suggested activities that make great news items:

  • Faculty research projects
  • Presentations of faculty papers, attendance at workshops
  • New faculty, promotions, etc.
  • Grants received
  • Honors received
  • Events, activities from your office or area
  • Curriculum changes
  • Student activities, honors, awards, scholarships, etc.
  • Donations received
  • New construction, new equipment in your area
  • New academic programs
  • New student services

See our Current Events page for examples and for the latest happenings at FHSU.

Another word of caution: Nothing is as useless as old news. Please allow us to write about your upcoming events before they occur.

Tips for working effectively with the media.

For more information on writing and distributing news from Fort Hays State, see also the Power of the written word section of the university's Identity Standards Manual.

You can send news from here: will take you to e-mail. Be sure to include the following:

  • Your name and position
  • The full, proper names of the event
  • The full, proper name of any sponsors, grantors, agencies or departments involved
  • The name, hometown and classification of any students involved
  • Dates, times, locations and costs
  • At least one contact name, number and e-mail
  • If an event, is it open to the public and, if not, who can attend?

Make the e-mail as detailed, chatty and exhaustive as you want. We will edit for FHSU style, convert appropriate passages to quotes and send the release to you for approval and then to the appropriate media. All entries are subject to verification before release.

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