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Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with Special Education Minor

The Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education qualifies candidates to seek licensure in elementary education (kindergarten through 6th grade). The program of study helps future teachers discover the links between general education courses, professional education curriculum, pedagogical theory, and clinical experience. The nationally ranked Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education program is offered on-campus and online and provides both internship and student teaching experiences in diverse environments. Candidates have multiple opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills with measurable outcomes and feedback from university faculty. In addition to our traditional elementary program, we offer a unique Teacher Residency in Elementary Education for students interested in an immersive hands-on educational experience. Read more about the FHSU Teacher Residency. Each state has it's own licensure requirements. The programs we offer prepare you for licensure in Kansas. If you live in a different state, you will need to contact your state's Department of Education to determine it's license transfer requirements. Your education degree from FHSU is valid in any state as long as you become licensed to teach in that particular state.
  • The department offers a minor in Special Education. Adding a minor to your major in teacher education allows you to better serve all the students under your care, have more earning potential, and make yourself more attractive on the job market. The demand for teachers with a Special Education endorsement has never been higher, nor the need for these gifted teachers more important:   
    •  According to the Individuals with Disabilities Act Data Accountability Center, nearly 11% of the K-12 population in the U.S. is receiving special education services
    • Over 6.5 million U.S. children from birth to age 17 currently receive special education services.
    • No Child Left Behind mandates that the vast majority of students receiving special education services meet the same academic achievement standards as their peers not receiving special education services.
  • When you hold a Special Education endorsement you’ll:
    • Serve more students. You’ll be better equipped to meet the needs of ALL students in your classroom.
    • Be higher valued. The median pay for special education teachers is higher than that of regular education teachers (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).
    • Be more marketable. The addition of the minor and endorsement will allow graduates to teach students with disabilities in inclusionary classrooms and/or special education resource classrooms, pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

Program Requirements Overview

General Education Coursework: 55 Credit Hours
Professional Studies (non-restricted) : 26 Credit Hours
Major Courses (restricted): 43 Credit Hours
Student Teaching: 12 Credit Hours


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