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Bachelor of General Studies

Offered at a distance since 1980, the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) is a degree program available through the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences that provides a solid liberal arts education. Designed for adult students with well-defined career objectives, the BGS offers maximum flexibility to students who wish to determine the specific content of their degree program, rather than pursue one of the established majors at FHSU. The BGS prepares you to enter a wide variety of occupations and serves as a bridge to numerous graduate degree programs to further advance your education. The program includes a cross section of upper division general education requirements and an area of concentration equaling 21 credit hours. A BGS advisor will work with you to customize and approve a program of study to meet your educational goals. Students interested in the BGS degree may transfer up to 94 credits, with a maximum of 64 credits from a two-year school. Military personnel may transfer up to 60 units of ACE-approved credit and credit-by-exam.

BGS Requirements:

  • A maximum of 40 hours from one department.
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.0.
  • A minimum of 45 hours of upper division course work.
  • 60 hours must come from a 4-year school.
  • No modern language or mathematics course required
  • A minimum of 30 hours of course work must be taken from FHSU.

Program Requirements Overview

  • English Composition (6 Credit Hours)
  • Computer Literacy Course (3 Credit Hours)
  • Distribution Courses

  • Humanities (12 Credit Hours)
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics (12 Credit Hours)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (12 Credit Hours)
  • Area of Concentration (21 Credit Hours)
  • Open Electives (58 Credit Hours)


The BGS degree serves as a bridge to numerous graduate degree programs and prepares students for employment in areas not requiring specific baccalaureate degrees. The area of emphasis or concentration can be tailored to prepare students for entry into a particular career area. Concentrations available to students through the Virtual College include, but are not limited to:

Business Communication
Child Development
General Business
Health Promotion
Historical Studies
Human Services
Information Networking and Telecommunications
Justice Studies
Military Specialties
Organizational Leadership
Political Leadership and Public Service
Psychological Studies
Rural Studies
Tourism and Hospitality Management
Web Development Studies

The concentrations in Education, Historical Studies, and Psychological Studies can include any combination of course work from the respective department for a total of 21 hours.

If you do not see a program you are interested in, please contact Joleen Briggs, BGS Coordinator, at or 1-800-628-FHSU.

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